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"Stay a while, and listen..." - Decard Cain

Diablo II is a lot like Clint Eastwood: Pretty old (in game years) but still active and with a large fanbase! Who ever thought that a game that runs on sprites would still be widely played in an age where games come mostly in 3D? What's so great about 600x400!?

Diablo II is the continuation of the saga's previous installment, the pioneer RPG Diablo. The entire system that defines the characters is quite remarkable for such a game: 150 skills among 5 classes, and an item generating system that makes the number of possible items so big that the number's exponent has an exponent. With the addition of the popular expansion, Diablo II - Lord of Destruction, these numbers are further increased. But most of all, it is the undying thousands of fans that keep the Diablo II community active.

No matter how hard anyone has ever tried throughout the decade of this game's existence, no two characters have ever been exactly the same, and that is what captivates players to replay the game: One of the most wonderful feelings in the world is the creation and development of what you know is a completely unique character. That, and the fact that the very world map you exist in is generated in a new way every time you play, which allows for exploration and newfound adventure every time you play. Never has replayability been so tasty!

Diablo was the pioneer; Diablo II was the jewel incrusted offspring of its previous instalment; what does that mean for the upcoming Diablo III?

If you like RPGs and you've never played this game, be sure to give it a try. Some games are immemorial in their categories: this is the immemorial RPG.

Not even death can save you from me... - Diablo

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Posted by Gigaman

Not getting Diablo II. I'm saving up for Number III :D

Posted by darkivn

The resolution got bumped up to 800x600 in the LOD expansion ... so it's really not all that bad :D

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