The Crusader should have a beard

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I know that both the Monk and the Barbarian have sweet ass beards, but wouldn't the Crusader look even better with one?

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Most of their helmets cover up their face as far as I know.

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Most of their helmets cover up their face as far as I know.

There's ''invisibility dyes'' you can buy to make any piece of armour you're wearing invisible. It's Blizzard's answer to a ''hide helmet'' option I suppose, only you could also hide literally every piece of armour if you wish. It's a little cumbersome, though, what with how you need to reapply the dye if you find a new piece of equipment

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Bearded Lady Crusader? Sure.

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@lyisa said:

Bearded Lady Crusader? Sure.

Zero discrimination beards only please.

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omg lol it shld be a beard of bacon haha XD

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I don't think historically Crusaders were too into beards considering who they were fighting.

Edit: According to this historical beard website I'm totally wrong!

"The Crusades were perhaps accountable for the return of beards, and for more than four centuries great diversity was allowed: beards, mustaches, and shaven faces all coexisted."


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