2.0 PTR Live, want to test out the community features?

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The 2.0 PTR is live, as well as the closed beta for reaper of souls. I'm pretty sure the playerbase is shared between both so even if you're not lucky enough to get an invite, you can still hang out and chat and play non expansion content with everyone. I'm downloading the client data still, but logged in and looking around and trying to figure out communities and clans. So far there's ones for sites like reddit and GAF, but nothing for here. Would enough people here be interested in testing it out? Not sure if it'll carry over to live but could be worth looking into if enough are interested.

Edit: Looks like you can join one clan and then join any number of communities. Made a Giant Bomb community and a clan. PM me or post here if you want an invite.

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@alanm26v5: Well now the patcher is broken for me and I can't reinstall the game, shame was interested in trying out the changes!

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Downloading the PTR client as I type this, so I'd very much be interested in this!

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@captain_felafel: Awesome. I think you just have to search for the "Giant Bomb" clan and you can request an invite. But just in case, I just made the Community open to the public and from there I can see your name on the roster and invite you to the clan.

Yeah it's just called Giant Bomb. Whoever makes the real clan when 2.0 is live can come up with a better name :)

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