2011 release? Blizz says they "are on the homestretch".

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They say they are in crunch and on the homestretch, but they refuse to nail down a release date. Still, it leaves me hopeful. 

Though I don't think the hype receptors in my brain could withstand a holiday season with both Skyrim and Diablo III released in the same quarter. 
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Homestretch by Blizzard means late 2012.

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Yeah,i definitely understand why they won't announce it. Its been 10 years since the expansion, and now Blizzard comes along: "Diablo 3, release date 2015"   -_-

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Shit's not coming out till some time next year.
Blizzard game design- polish a diamond until it becomes dust.

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I'm thinking early next year.

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@phrosnite said:
"I'm thinking early next year. "

Agreed.  Late winter, early spring sounds more plausible.  They seem close though to me, but they do love to polish games to no end.  Double edged sword so to say.  But w/so much good coming this fall/winter, next year would be better for me anyway, lol.
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Beta will be announced at Blizzcon. 

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Well, under the current management of Activision-Blizzard, Blizzard has agreed to release at minimum 1 title per year. Last year they released 2 titles, Cataclysm and StarCraft 2. Not only this, but according to the leaked timeline (which you can see below) Diablo 3 is expected to release in Q4 of this year (along with a StarCraft 2 expansion and some other mystery SC2 project). If Blizzard meets their Q2 goal of releasing the map market for SC2 then I will have a lot more faith in these leaked documents. I think that they will because they were touting Blizzard DOTA at Blizzcon and players have been anxiously anticipating it ever since. I think that they will use that particular map/mod as the flagship of the marketplace. It will be free, but it will release alongside the marketplace so that the marketplace announcement will garner more attention.

That's just my 2 cents... here's the timeline I spoke of - please notice the disclaimer at the bottom. The timeline was purportedly leaked when an executive from Blizzard's China division left the company. One of the big-wigs left the company and took company secrets with him and this one leaked out... that's the story, but of course who knows what to believe. It is from a year ago so I am sure plenty has moved around...

Edit: Hmmm, then again, maybe Blizzard has reneged on that commitment.

According to VG247 in an earnings call that took place back in February of this year,

 CFO Thomas Tippl said during the financial call to investors, that the company’s outlook of 2011 does not include a new Blizzard game, but instead expects the developer to release two titles in 2012 – possibly the new MMO and Diablo III – but no one would confirm which titles when asked by numerous analysts on the call. 

Blizzard is good for one major release a year, it was explained, and the firm wanted to wait on a Diablo III release this year, because quality matters to Blizzard above anything else. If the game happened to release this year, it would be because Blizzard believed it to be ready, but don’t expect it.
So, I guess really, who the fuck knows. Blizzard is being Blizzard. Release it when it's done. When is that? "Soon."
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2014 confirmed then.

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I say early next year. They could release it on any day and get millions to buy it so why would Activision want to release it during holiday to compete with their other games? Start the next quarter with a bang. 

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I'm still hesitantly looking forward to it. To be honest I really want this game but at the same time I'm afraid it won't be anything new or exciting for the franchise and will make everyone wonder what the point was (as its not like Starcraft- this is a genre that's been cloned to death for years so it does need some kind of innovation).

I don't know, we'll see. I do still intend to get it- again I'm just worried. Can't help it.

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They will probably announce it at Blizzcon for November release. Than I will literally poop my dick because Skyrim and D3 would be out. I'd honestly be set for LIFE.

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We are so close now. I dont see why they shouldnt release it this year.

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Amidst the press recently, it mostly went under the radar where they said they won't announce a release date until 3-4 months before it comes out.  So they kind of need to get on the ball if they are going to make this year.    Since the beta has not yet begun.  I'm sure they would love an holiday release, but early 2012 is still fiscal 2011 and that is what really matters to investors.    And being post holiday means less competition (sometimes, and probably less big competition). 

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