Act 2 Inferno hit me like a ton of bricks. Now what for DH?

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I got into Inferno thinking it was a massive wall to climb, but I had a pretty easy time in the first act. I always grouped up because it seems more fun and I finished the act up with only 2 deaths. I felt pretty good considering I rarely died throughout all other difficulties.

I turn off the game and come back to it later. I start up the game with a new team and we're chugging along until we run into our first elite. In a few seconds everyone is dead. We try again, survive a bit more, and die again. I died about 5 times on this dude before I left and I was the last one to leave. Every other attempt has ended in failure. The farthest any team has gone is just past the bridge.

I have around 1400 VIT and DEX for my DH and I feel like I have a lot of HP (56,000) and do decent enough damage, but nothing is denting these guys. I can't dodge forever and I essentially die when I run out of discipline and refresh with preparation battle scars. My only means of healing is that, potion, and shadow power gloom.

What am I suppose to do? Get an insane amount of discipline with weapons that have 1,000+ life on hit?

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Farm Act 1 Inferno until you get better gear, or browse the Auction House.

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Dump that Vit for crit damage and dodge like a motherfucker.

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@TobbRobb said:

Dump that Vit for crit damage and dodge like a motherfucker.

My biggest issue is simply staying alive. My only means of dodging are vault and smokescreen and I could only get a few in even with preparation before I become a sitting duck.

I think my crit damage is around 100 and my crit chance around 20 without sharpshooter.

I don't even know what I should look for in the AH to help me stay alive. Is it resist all +50 on every possible item? Do I try to get my crit hit chance closer to 50 and my crit damage to around 200? I would love a high DPS weapon around 900 with at least 500 life on hit, but I currently only have 2.5 million.

What kind of money do I need to have to buy gear to survive inferno?

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@golguin: Well, that is exactly the problem though, no matter how much health or resistance you start stacking, a DH can't take more than a few hits before going down. And if you DO stack way too much defense your damage will be subpar and you can't take anything down in time.

I was only joking as far as impling that you should dump all vit, that really isn't a good idea, you should at least be able to take one hit from most enemies. But you have a way, way higher chance of surviving if you take down enemies faster. Get some damage and make them die faster than you do. DHs have enough utility to survive some retarded odds even without a large hp pool or armor.

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@golguin: I made it to Act III with only minor difficulties with around 31k HP and I want to say 21k DPS without Sharpshooter. I fell down the Civ V hole two weeks ago so I can't remember exactly. Vault and Smokescreen should only be used as a last-resort and most of your time should be spent kiting. You have to be more careful in general and try to clear areas of monsters so you have space to move around in then kite like a motherfucker. Get +speed boots and hopefully you have some sort of reliable snare equipped.

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I got myself a new belt for 300,000 that gives me around 70 dex and vit with 6% life and about 250 life regen. My HP is bit over 60k and my DPS is around 16k without sharpshooter. I played a lot more careful and the team was able to kill two elite mobs. Then we ran into some jailers and everyone died over and over again. You can't dodge if you cant move.

This is what I didn't want the game to become. I didn't want it to simply be a numbers game where if you dont have enough dex, or discipline, or movement speed, or dps, or whatever then you'll simply die.

I don't know why I convinced myself that stats were simply there to help less skilled players have an easier time. I guess I was coming off a Dark Souls high where stats simply helped you take a bit more damage before you die and kill things a bit faster.

From the looks of it all the teams have just cleared Act 1 because all classes are simply getting smashed whenever that particular elite mob with whatever attributes shows up. I've seen no issues with teams farming the butcher or any elites there. It's only here.

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I'm having the same problem, only on Nightmare. I just realized how poorly I play that game as soon as I got to act 2 and realized that I spent all my time boosting vitality and dexterity while ignoring my armor. I try to kite around enemies as best as I can, but as soon as I run into an elite mob, they swarm my and I'm dead in a heartbeat. Although since I'm still on the easy difficulties, feel free to ignore this while I learn how to actually play the game

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Farm Act 1 Inferno until you get better gear, or browse the Auction House.

As someone who farmed Act 1 for a few weeks macro-swapping a 230% MF set, I can safely say don't count on that. Your best bet is the AH unfortunately.

Others have mentioned some key stats to shoot for but I'll mention a couple other things:

- LoH is great if you can take a hit. Useless if you can't, aside from negating reflect damage or certain other DoT or AoE. So don't go ignoring Vit or Resist All.

- Avoidance is your best defense. You'll get +Dodge just from Dex on your gear but also +Movement Speed boots and +Discipline gear giving you more smokescreen chances are key.

As you're more about burst damage 'stick-and-move' play with such a fragile class, I skill in a similar way:

- Sharp Shooter obviously guarantees crits, Tactics (? whatever's the movement speed on SS/Vault passive) combined with Smoke Screen makes a decent gtfo button (although you may not have room for that AND Sharp Shooter), and I prefer the no cooldown chance rune on Preparation since the heal won't do you much good in most situations (better off stacking LoH to handle the hits you CAN take).

- Caltrops is great, but you'll find some champs/elites sprint right through anyway without slowing down much or taking much damage even if you smoke screen. And using both constantly can fly through Disc quickly. For those reasons, I use Spike Trap/Scatter. Getting champs or elites into a bottleneck and dropping all three traps right on top of each other in front of them does massive damage.

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Most DHs I know are around ~14k hp lol. Give up some health for dps and AR/armor.

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From the reading I've been doing having no movement speed bonus on boots and only 30 discipline is the quickest way way to die on inferno. I only have 2.5 million (this gear originally cost me around 700,000 gold), but I'd like to start buying pieces I can take toward the end. So what are the suggestions for replacing particular items with certain stats?

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You've geared completely wrong and if you switch it up it will make all the difference. Get 700+ life on hit, you cant facetank act 2, you need to kite and get hp back. Remove 30k hp or so (do it!)., and get rid of +armor Get 400 or so all resist (much more important then vitality). And get more crit. Basically you need as good items as you have, just completely different ones.

All the DH I know that have completed the game have about 15k hp and blow shit up in 2 seconds. Thats the way to go.

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@golguin: Looking at your gear number 1: You have very poor resistances, no wonder you're dying so quickly despite the high health. You need at LEAST 300 all resistances just to survive act 2 unless you're just an amazing kiter, but even with wallers/jailers and such, that's really hard to do. 2: you need to be doing between 28k - 30k DPS to be able to take the elites down fast enough for Act 2.

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@Bobby_The_Great said:

@golguin: Looking at your gear number 1: You have very poor resistances, no wonder you're dying so quickly despite the high health. You need at LEAST 300 all resistances just to survive act 2 unless you're just an amazing kiter, but even with wallers/jailers and such, that's really hard to do. 2: you need to be doing between 28k - 30k DPS to be able to take the elites down fast enough for Act 2.

So is there any kind of number comparison I can have between armor and resist all for damage mitigation? Like to reduce the damage of x attack you need y armor or z resist? How would I know if a certain piece of equipment has a good resist stat versus armor stat?

My current armor is 5000 and my resist is crap and I get rocked hard. If I get my resist all to 300 I can still have 30k HP, but what would my armor rating need to be so that the resist all wasn't in vain?

So basically...

Resist all: 300+

HP: 25k+

Armor: ?

Crit chance: 25+

Crit damage: as high as I can get it

At least now I know to look for resist all when I start switching in items tonight. Thanks for the help provided so far.

EDIT: I just found this amazing calculator that has you put in your character stats to see whats going on. It also has a thing to compare two items to see how they stack up against damage when you input all their stats. It seems that a simple 55 resist all stat is way more valuable in mitigating damage then an extra 9 points of armor, 70 dex, and 70 vit combined.

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I believe the best way to go for a DH is,

Mouse1: Hungering Arrow (Devouring Arrow) Mouse 2: Elemental Arrow (Lightning Ball)

1: Caltrops (Tortorous Ground) 2.Vault (Tumble) 3.Smoke Screen (Lingering Fog) 4.Preparation (Punishment)

Also if you get try and get a 900+1k DPS bow or crossbow with 600-800 life on hit.

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@Monopolized: I would switch vault for something else, like mark of death. Vault is useless when you have smokescreen. It just eats your dicipline.

is Life on hit really that usefull for a demon hunter since you only can take one hit from most mobs? If you survive you can just pop a potion and kite. My Demon Hunter have 100% health or 0%, never anything between, haha.

Although I have almost completely ignored resist and armour and gone for pure dps.

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@MrCaptain: You'll probably have a much better chance if you concentrate on crit modifiers over LoH considering how fragile you are. Your best bet is probably to get someone tank for you while you lay it on them. Having said that you may want to improve your resists whenever you can since taking two hits instead of one can really make a difference. LoH works better for Barbs or Monks given their potentially high DPS. DH's have high DPS too but you get killed to quickly to make a difference. There's a reason why they have evasion skills afterall.

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@eroticfishcake: yupp, Crit modifiers for the DH is maybe more important than dexterity, Items are expensive as hell though!

I will probably try to use more resist gear too, but its so tempting to just go for the DPS items.

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Most DHs seem to prefer being glass cannons but since I prefer solo play I have to gear differently. I've found that I've needed a ton more resist, armor, and vitality to survive than DHs that group. Currently I have well over 400 all resist, 3300 armor, and 47k health while maintaining 91k damage (with SS obviously), but it's taken a lot of patience and time and and a ton of gold to get there. I still need more resist and I'd love a bit more damage, but I can finally clear almost Act II solo (except Belial who I haven't even tried yet).

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