Anyone have a spare Guest Pass?

#1 Posted by Tesson (85 posts) -

I would greatly appreciate a guest pass to test my old busted computer. Please I will be forever grateful. I am desperate.

THANKS ahead of time :)

#2 Posted by Gonmog (602 posts) -

Well worst comes to worst, you will be able to try it for sure after a month.

#3 Posted by CosmicBatman (317 posts) -

@Gonmog: Sweet, I'm gonna wait to buy it then. I'm not sure if my laptop is up for the task.

#4 Posted by MonetaryDread (2201 posts) -

Here is a guest pass for anyone that wants it.


Please post a comment if you use it

#5 Posted by Cincaid (2959 posts) -

@MonetaryDread said:

Here is a guest pass for anyone that wants it.


Please post a comment if you use it

Thanks! Used it now, downloading game.

#6 Posted by Icemo (665 posts) -

Here is another guest pass as a bonus for some lucky chap.


As mentioned earlier, post here if you have used it.

#7 Posted by Benny (1955 posts) -

@Icemo: Looks like here I got here at just the right time, just redeemed your guest pass. Thanks a bunch :)

I'm also looking for one for my friend to try out some co-op so if there's another one floating about I will most gladly use it.

#8 Edited by Icemo (665 posts) -

I also sent a quest pass for so no need to PM him anymore.

#9 Edited by MrOldboy (870 posts) -

I'd be grateful if anyone had an extra one for me as well... Please pm them to people if you got a spare one and not post it randomly.

#10 Posted by Akrid (1356 posts) -

If anyone would kindly provide me one, I will gladly take it!

#11 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1417 posts) -

Haha, might as well get on this bandwagon!

#12 Posted by isles (229 posts) -

I'd also really appreciate a pass if there are still any going! :)

#13 Posted by DeanoXD (635 posts) -

Here is one, please don't take it if you don't need it or have no intention of using it.


Leave and post if you do though.

#14 Posted by stinky (1560 posts) -

@DeanoXD said:

downloading now, thanks.

#15 Posted by DeanoXD (635 posts) -

@stinky: no worries.

#16 Posted by Benny (1955 posts) -

Still looking for a guest pass if anyone's got a spare, cheers duders.

#17 Posted by Drake0816 (3 posts) -

I would love a guest pass if anyone has one. Thanks.

#18 Edited by HydraHam (1338 posts) -


Passes gone

#19 Posted by aylien (110 posts) -

I'd like a guest pass too please, if someone has one available =) Either that or a Torchlight 2 beta invite, I ain't picky ;)

#20 Posted by Redsox44 (487 posts) -

I'd love one too! Would be awesome.

#21 Edited by Yadilie (379 posts) -

Guest Pass -



#22 Edited by Redsox44 (487 posts) -

@Yadilie: Thanks! I got this one.

#23 Posted by Yadilie (379 posts) -

@Redsox44: You're welcome.


For another lonely soul.

#24 Posted by delorean99947 (230 posts) -

If anyone else has one, could you send it to me by PM? Would appreciate it. My pc is random when it comes to games and would like to try this.

#25 Posted by ZimboDK (843 posts) -

^Same. I can't afford the game until next month. Well, unless I don't care about eating.

#26 Posted by Spitznock (643 posts) -

I can't afford to pick up a copy until next Thursday. If anyone could spare one of those fancy guest passes for lil ol me as well that'd be just fantastic.

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