Anyone have an extra Diablo 3 Guest Pass? T> for Dota 2 key

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@ShadowVariable: Do you still need a guess pass?

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I would (really) appreciate one :3

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@Partisan189: Guy with 2 posts who asked for a key in another thread, guy with 1 post who asked in this one. And then there's me; guy who pointed it out in both threads.... YEAH!

Seriously, though ,man; give it to someone who's actually been here, and didn't just make an account to disappear after they have what they came for.

@DeuceDarko: It's nothing personal, duder, but this is more of a community than anything else, and we value our members, people who make a contribution to making this site even greater to visit than it already was before. And you've got about twenty clones out there rearing their ugly heads, bellowing like a tenor peacock in the mating season for the rest of us to give them free stuff. Well, why would anyone?

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@Do_The_Manta_Ray: I know, I feel ashamed for myself here begging for a pass but I tought I would get one.

And since my copy of the game will arrive only in a few weeks and I didn't played the beta, I could use some distraction while I wait :S

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Ohhhh jebus, so many of these threads!

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