Anyone interested in farming Nightmare Whimsyshire?

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#1 Posted by takayamasama (1196 posts) -

Aloha duders.

Was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in doing some farm runs in Whimsyshire for exp/lootz. Right now I am a 52(Maybe 53? Forgot if I dinged before servers went down) 1hander + shield Barb with good damage and life. Pretty much looking for anyone level 46+ that would be interested in farming it for a bit (I'd like to farm it until 55, then I plan to start Hell).

I'm not interested in loot that's not an upgrade so any loot that works for your class that would be an upgrade is yours.

I have the staff upgraded and all so all you need to do is join game and have fun murdering cute mythical creatures!

Battletag: Takayama#1971

Sent me an invite if your interested (when the servers come back up), and when I'm on we can get on with the sweet, sweet slaughter for lootz of rare (hopefully legendary!) proportions.

Looking forward to getting a group of duders to stomp all over happy land.

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#2 Posted by fox01313 (5186 posts) -

Curious though about Whimsyshire on one thing, is the hidden level only showing up on nightmare or is it available on the lower difficulties?

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#3 Posted by Canteu (2968 posts) -

@fox01313: Upgraded staffs work for all previous difficulties.

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#4 Posted by Oni (2274 posts) -

I'm up for it, 52 Barb also though. Don't know if you're cool with that. Noray#2106 is my tag if you want to add me.

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