At what point should I start stacking vitality?

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I'm currently act 2 Nightmare with my monk and only have a couple pieces of gear that value Vitality over dex. I have barely any issues with dying. Towards act 4 should I be starting to equip gear with vitality/health regen to prepare for Hell? I'm assuming you die very quickly on Hell and of course Inferno

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Immediately. For as long as you continue to play the game

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@wmaustin55 said:

Immediately. For as long as you continue to play the game
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You'll start to see some of the crazy elites in Hell, those with 3 or 4 affixes, but your ever increasing offense as you lvl and get better gear will offset most of them, and it's really not that hard at all. You will die sure, but not too much. It's Inferno mode where everything changes. So I guess second half of Hell stock up on Vit, and even better start to aquire all-resist gear. The elemental damage from elite mobs is pretty rediculous in Inferno/farm to progress/AH dependent mode. LOL, seriously it's rediculous, but still fun, especially in full groups.

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You should be casually looking to add vitality gear right away, but stacking vitality gear becomes a requirement around Act 2-3 of Hell difficulty, for melee classes. By the end of Hell, pretty much every piece of gear you have should have some form of life on it - either vitality, or Life %. Your total HP should be in the mid 40k range for Inferno, so stack stats accordingly.

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hell isnt all that. start worrying about gear when you start dying.

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