Can multiple people play on one copy?

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My brother wants to buy the game, and I'm a fan of Diablo myself. Knowing that a Battle.Net account is needed to play, does that lock it to one account per copy, or can I just log in to my character with my own account? Regardless, whether I need one or two copies, I'm going to buy the game, but I just want to know before I get into it.

And yeah, I realize how dumb of a question this is. Shame on me.

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@The_Nubster: You should be able to play it with any copy since you need to log into your account which is unique anyway. In fact, the guest passes suggest that you can use your friend's copy to install the game.

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You can have multiple characters per accounts--so if your cool with you and your brother sharing a battle net account you'll be fine. The only thing is that I don't think you'll be able to play together or a at the same time (if you have more than one computer) so that is a negative.

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@eroticfishcake: Okay, so it doesn't bind the copy to the account? Just account to character, then. Thanks!

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@The_Nubster: Yes it binds the game to one account.

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@The_Nubster: Argh, yeah it does bind the copy to one account. I just remembered, sorry!

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Oh, well that's a mad bummer. I relinquish my right to complain though, since I'm going to be buying it anyways. I already have a Battle.Net account for Diablo 2, so I might as well share my account with my brother. Thanks guys.

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negatory, more or less the same shit as Starcraft 2 with LAN play

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@The_Nubster: It wont work with you old accounts that you used for diablo 2. EDITED

You need the new kind used for wow and sc2, the ones that can log in here:

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