challenge: nearly naked/rare only run through on D3

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Thought of this while looking for the Staff of Herding items & loosely tied to the reputation grind runs done in WoW where myself & friends would get a high level character, then ditch all equipment aside from storage items, go to a starting area for faction you needed reputation for, then proceed to mow through the early quests for the reputation using primarily your skills with starting level gear (or just quest rewards). So here goes as a way of making D3 more interesting & I know I'll try this later myself then post some of the results.


  • You're stuck with the starting equipment of your character & you can only equip rare or better items.
  • You can craft the rare items or when playing with friends you can trade rare items for rare items if you can't use them (or you have better items already equipped).
  • Using blue quality magic items is fine for your followers, otherwise they are only going to be used for crafting or sell them.
  • Auction house off limits for this challenge.
  • Probably best for non-hardcore mode starting a new character & someone who's beaten the game once (so you can have fun with this challenge).
  • Have fun & stop when you get stuck or whenever.

(edit-in hindsight while keeping crafting inventory separate from the shared chest & using the wizard game is excessively slow but looks like anyone wanting to try this alone will have to rerun earlier bits a few times as the skeleton king is quite tough)

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there is achievements in D3 for naked boss kills =P

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Is there.How could that happened?I want to know more.I will keep an close eye on this thread.

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@Gilsham said:

there is achievements in D3 for naked boss kills =P

On hell difficulty :P.

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