#1 Posted by DrHorrible (4 posts) -

are you a fan of the Color direction? i for one am all for it.

#2 Posted by TheBeast (1920 posts) -

It looks great! I've been playing Diablo II and while I understand the darkness is the whole 'style' thing, it's a bit dull.
Blizzard know what they're doing - and I'm fairly sure this direction will be for the better.

#3 Posted by elliooo (299 posts) -

Personally, not particularly a fan. Don't get me wrong, I think Diablo 3 is looking amazing and will no doubt be picking up a copy on the release, but I do feel the colours are a little bit vibrant for my tastes. I always liked the 'dark' feel of the diablo games, and diablo 3 looks like it might be moving away from that a little bit - but by no means a game-ruining distance. What I'm more worried about than the colours is the stylised nature of some of the models - I liked the realism of Diablo as opposed to the stylised graphics of Warcraft 3, so hopefully they won't go too far in that respect.

#4 Posted by Arne (74 posts) -

I think it looks totally awesome, it looks "cozy" (cant find the right word) to run around in those open wildlands and just collect items, changes aint always a bad thing.

The most fun parts to play in Diablo 2 is in my oppinion act2 and act5, witch happens to be the more colourfull and bright ones...

#5 Posted by sociald1077 (283 posts) -

I'm sure that there will be plenty of dark gloomy places to explore. I think its a bit too soon to start saying things look wrong when all we have is a few screens and a 20 minute play video.

#6 Posted by iTsCaRNaGe (19 posts) -

I like the new style of color it looks fine to me even when I think about D1& D2 and there dark and gloomy feel. I still think this game will manage to achieve that kind of feeling even with adding these new colors.

#7 Posted by GumbieuK (131 posts) -

I think it look's really nice, and a nice change from the previous we have seen in D1 & D2. Although i can understand why people don't like it because it doesn't have that "Diablo" feel, but then again to keep games moving forward and keep them interesting, adjustments and changes need to be made and i guess this time around the art direction is one of them.

In my opinion i think it looks great and i simply cannot wait until it's released :(

#8 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

I've seen a few screenshots and I think it looks fine, I see where people are coming from however.

#9 Posted by NotaStalker (175 posts) -

I have no problem with the color no :p I have more problem that it's not an MMO :p

#10 Posted by Snake_Pliskin (23 posts) -

Looks great, i'll be picking it up.

#11 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

Diablo 3 looks too much like WoW with its more cartoon visual style. I'd have prefered a bright but slightly more realistic tone, i don't mind brighter colours but the cartoony design just puts me off.

#12 Posted by stAtic (1636 posts) -

I think it looks too plain. I'd like a gritter, darker tone.

#13 Posted by Boyling (218 posts) -

It looks fine, but they haven't really showed us that much yet. We've probably only seen a glimpse of one act...

#14 Posted by Abunai (151 posts) -

It looks really good. Get past act one in diablo 2 and it isn't as horribly gothic as everyone claims.
Blizzard know what they are doing, i'm picking this up regardless.

#15 Posted by unclejohnny79 (689 posts) -

I think its great

#16 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -

I think it looks good.

#17 Posted by LordWhite (50 posts) -

I'm fairly sure that with that petition for a change in the colors/graphics/art style, and all the complaining going on in forums everywhere (not taking about anyone here) that Blizzard will probably tweak the game slightly to darken it to please the "hardcore" fans who demand light radius's of 2 instead of being able to see whats going on around them.

#18 Posted by clarke0 (1082 posts) -

I have mixed feelings about the new art direction. I think the dungeon is far too bright and not gloomy enough, but I would hate to see the game be all gray. I think what I dislike most about the dungeon area is the bright blues and greens. They feel out of place and stand out WAY too much. I wish the textures were grittier (totally possible, even on low-end machines) and more realistic, and the character models and dungeon props look just like WoW. Overall I think the outdoor area looks pretty good honestly, even the controversial rainbow is kind of a sad rainbow. It's not as bright as the blue/green lighting in the dungeon even.

I think that there are tasteful ways they could deal with a more limited color palette. They could use the traditional brown and gray, with more vibrant colors being used to highlight certain aspects. As I have heard many people mention, the game could get darker as the story progresses, enhancing the mood and fitting the Diablo theme.  A lot of concept art for this game looks awesome, and I think if they followed it more closely the game would look better.

#19 Posted by coolof (84 posts) -

There will most likely be some sliders in the options to change contrast etc. and that itself could make some difference for those in doubt. Since color correction is a post process it's probably not a huge deal to add some tools for this as well. Either in the game itself or as a mod and depending on how mod friendly it will be there will probably show up a bunch of different "gritty" mods. Generally an overlayed grunge texture would do the trick ;)

The thing that stands out for me though is the animations work and the effects, they look absolutely amazing. This alone takes the graphics to a higher level and they fit well with the "new" art style.

#20 Posted by PlatypusPlatoon (104 posts) -

I'm not a big fan of this new direction.  As a couple people mentioned, it's not really the colour palette, so much as the art style. The original Diablo (not Diablo 2) is the best example of this. It wasn't all dark, in browns and greys. The caves area had bright red lava flowing throughout. But the artistic style slanted towards the grim and gothic of the horror genre. The human sacrifices portrayed in the game could send chills down your spine when you happened upon them.  I was seriously creeped out by that game, moreso than any survival horror game has ever scared me.  It had strong artistic vision and a real sense of gothic fantasy.

The new Diablo 3 seems to have both its feet firmly planted in the traditional fantasy genre.  Moreover, it's going for a cartoony look with exaggerated proportions, particularly in the architecture and props. I think this is where the WoW comparisons start. WoW undoubtedly has a great comic-book style; it looks like Marvel went and took JRR Tolkien's creations and put their own flair on it. It's fantastic. But I want Diablo to be scary, complete with borderline satanic imagery. It's that creepy atmosphere that is completely missing this time around.

#21 Posted by Kael (34 posts) -

I really think it's unfair that the internet has made such a laughing stock of the people who are disappointed with the game's look. Especially Penny Arcade's comic that tells us that if someone likes horror, even occasionally in the odd game series like Diablo, Resident Evil, Dead Space, Silent Hill, etcetera, then that person is a wanna-be vampire, a waste of space and a total loser. Everyone jumped on that train and celebrated the fact that there were so many people to make fun of, and they produced dozens of stupid and insulting pictures like the one with the "Diablo 3 emo version" that came with black mascara and wrist-slitting razor blades. What a load of crap. It doesn't mean that I have to hate color or life to believe that the sequel to two horror games should be a horror game, too.

It drives me nuts because it should be so understandable. Brian Morrisroe said it himself at the Worldwide Invitational: horror is a vital element of the Diablo series. I think every fan of the games has to agree to that, whether you merely tolerated it or loved it. Diablo 3 still has violence and (fleeting) gore, but you can't remove or push away from horror without removing or pushing away from an important part of Diablo (not of the action-RPG genre, but Diablo as a franchise and property). It doesn't mean I hate the new look; not at all. Just like with the new Prince of Persia, they're free to go as crazy and artsy as they want to, but that's where the disagreement comes in, because, as a huge fan of the previous Diablo games, the idea to cartoon it up simply wouldn't have ever entered my brain. I'm convinced they wanted to crank up the stylization in order to better hide the lack of polygons and detail they're purposely not putting in because they want the game to run on ancient machines (the real reason for all their games sharing the same cartoony look), and while I find wanting every PC owner to be able to play the game to be an admirable goal, I wouldn't have changed the game's visual genre to do it. It's disappointing that the new guys in charge actually did. They're doing everything else completely right; it looks beautiful and I love how the game seems to play -- I can't wait to get a hold of it -- I just strongly disagree with the decision to change the style. I thought that part of the games was perfect just the way it was.

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