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#51 Posted by SpheriQ (100 posts) -

Got an invite for the EU clan. See you in Sanctuary.

#52 Edited by MB (14118 posts) -

Big update today with 2.0.4. Changes for every class, some of them pretty significant. They finally fixed drop rates for legendary crafting mats, too. Reaper's Wraps are as good as mine!

#53 Edited by LiterallyPixels (3 posts) -

Is there any more room for members? In game tag is Kutzal#1618 !!

#54 Posted by MrCaptain (396 posts) -

Just requested for EU, name is Jeldh

#55 Posted by Kteven (62 posts) -

Hey Duders, unfortunately the EU Clan is now full. There are a lot of pending requests, so I would advise someone makes a second clan as there is clearly enough demand for one.

#56 Posted by MB (14118 posts) -

@spiralcut: What do you think about clearing out some inactive people to make room for GB users who want to get in on the clan? There seems to be about 25-ish active players and the rest either don't play, or play solo and don't participate in anything else. I'm not even sure if there is a way to see how long someone has been inactive for. Something to consider anyway!

#57 Edited by MB (14118 posts) -

Also...join the Rift It Forward community!

This is an offshoot of the Multirift community, here you must always be prepared to open a rift for a clearer. Other than that the rules are pretty much the same as Multirifting (make a game, clear a rift, invite people). Here, though, the prerequisite to joining a game is always opening a new rift for the clearer.

Community: "Rift it Forward" -- English Language -- Region - Americas

Community: "Rift it Forward HC" -- English Language -- Region - Americas

Community: "Rift it Forward" -- British English Language -- Region - Europe

Community: "Rift it Forward HC" -- British English Language -- Region - Europe

The rules (To explain it a bit more):

*Always be prepared to open a rift for the runner. Do not enter a game if you cannot open a rift.

This community will only work if you make your own games too. So when you don't feel like clearing full levels, join some games. When you want to get some free rifts, make some.

  1. Create a Solo Rift and invite 3 player in the end, then you can join 3 games in exchange

This facilitates faster farming. Faster blood shards. Faster stuff.


  1. Create a game on a difficulty of your choice.

  2. Clear that rift almost to the end.

  3. Post in the community chat what % you are at (can be found by hover over the rift progress bar).

  4. Invite people, or accept party invite requests.

  5. Get another rift made for you to clear, without using keystones.


  1. Sit in the channel.

  2. Look for rift posts.

  3. Request an invite to the game.

  4. Kill the boss without clearing any trash (get your bloodshards and souls fast).

  5. Finish the quest, and open a new rift for the creator.

  6. Continue on to the next rift in a few seconds!

#58 Posted by Splodge (2283 posts) -

Hmmm is there another EU clan? Cant seem to find it. Theres a giant bomb one, but it only has 1 member? is it legit?

#59 Posted by Dalerax (75 posts) -

I tried to join one of the clans, I believe it was squad three. There were quite a few spots open in it. I put in a request and after a couple days my request is gone. I'm assuming it was denied... there really isn't much information there. I'll try for squad five then.

#60 Posted by MB (14118 posts) -

@dalerax: I recommend also joining the Giant Bomb D3 community - you can put a post up in there saying you're looking for a spot in one of the clans. At least that way people will see it and your BattleTag will be easily accessible to more people.

#61 Posted by Dalerax (75 posts) -

@mb: Thank you very much for the tip. I joined the community and was in a clan in minutes. I actually wasn't aware of the community feature in this game. It sounds fantastic for keeping me engaged with a community that didn't exist to me previously. Social interaction was the one thing that had me engaged in MMOs for so many years in the past. This definitely breathes new life into the time I'll give Diablo 3 and it's expansion (that I just bought).

#62 Posted by BasketSnake (1447 posts) -

My EU clan is LEGIT! I don't even know if they separate europeans and invad...americans..

#63 Posted by Karolis (293 posts) -

I created the Giant Bomb EU community a while ago. I'm not playing actively anymore, so message me if you want to take over.

#64 Posted by Faltru (128 posts) -

Are any of the Giant Bomb clans still active?

#65 Edited by Bucketdeth (8234 posts) -

@faltru said:

Are any of the Giant Bomb clans still active?

I'm in the North American one and I've seen about 2-4 people on max, not a whole lot of activity.

#66 Edited by MachoFantastico (5555 posts) -

Shame it seems the EU clan is full now, I was sent an invite from Steve in the EU GB clan but the clan is full apparently. Any ideas?

#67 Edited by Kteven (62 posts) -

@machofantastico: I'm going through the EU list now and trying to remove inactive people. If you apply again later today it shouldn't (I hope) be an issue.

*Update* Should be sorted now. Let me know if there are any further issues.

#68 Posted by MB (14118 posts) -

NA could use some cleaning out too to make room for people who are actually playing the game, and beyond that, actually want to play with and talk to other people. Even with 7 or 8 people on sometimes, that number may as well be zero. Everyone's just playing solo or doing other things most of the time.

#69 Edited by Kteven (62 posts) -

The EU clan has been at capacity for a while now but thanks to patch 2.1.2 I can check last log in without spending half a day going though player profiles and the other half reevaluating how I spend my free time . We had people waiting for invites last night so I removed anyone that had been inactive for more then 200 days. If we reach capacity again I will move down to 150 days and then 100. Just thought I should mention it in case anyone logs in and wonders why they are no longer in the clan. If you have been removed in error, just reapply.

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