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Hello fellow demon hunters. I am extremely late to the Diablo party. Back in the day I got a beta code from a fellow giantbomber, but my computer was too ghetto to run it so I was never able to play it. Until now, with the release on consoles. So.. Bare with me as my questions might seem a little ridulous to seasoned players.

Question: In my inventory I have seen items that have had restrictions on them e.g. level requirements and class requirements and so on. But now I came across a weapon that just has a big red and yellow "x" stamped on it. When I look at the stats I don't see any level or class requirements. The only other out of the ordinary thing I notice is that it says in red text "superior bow". So my question is, what is up with this? Why can't I equip it? Should I save it for later? I am a level 8 monk and the weapon I am trying to equip is a "fine short bow" are monks just not allowed to equip bows? Help please!

As always I thank the GB community for helping me thru my ignorant gaming moments.

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Monks cannot use ranged weapons, yes.

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The x means you'll never be able to use it.

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As stated above, certain equipment is locked to certain classes.

Also do not worry about asking silly questions. When I first started playing Diablo 2, I didn't understand anything, and had to ask how to use TP's (Town Portals). You will learn things over time, though I recommend looking at character specific guides, I use this site.

Have fun, and try and find some people to play with. Playing with friends is the best Diablo experience.

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Not a silly question. On PC it shows on the item text "Class Only" so items like "Mighty Belt" show up in inventory for a Demon Hunter as "Red X" because they are "Barbarian Only". It should be noted that these often have class specific modifiers as well where a Monk Only item would have something like "+N Spirit" or calls out a specific skill or talent specific to that class which wouldn't make sense for any other class.

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That item is for a ranged class, Monks can't wear ranged weapons.

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Thank you guys. Appreciate the help! One more question.. This one may be more a matter of opinion: is it worth it to buy equipment from the merchants or should I just wait for good equipment to drop? The merchants rarely have stuff that's significantly better then the stuff I already have, but occasionally I see one or two good items, but I don't want to waste my money if I'm just gonna find something of similar value from a loot drop down the road. Also, how valuable is money? Do you just have a ton by the end? I know it's probably a little different considering the console versions don't have an auction store to spend in. Also does anybody purchase health potions? Thanks again!

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Neither. Merchants are there to sell your loots only.

There won't be any nice items to pick up down the road anyway, the best route will be auction house.

Search for something you can afford to try out the item, much better than hoping a 1 out of million chance on upgrade.

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I've played a fair amount of the pc and xbox versions, and no, you don't need to bother with the merchants to buy gear. Legendary and rare items seem to drop far more often than on the pc, and they've almost always go great stats geared to the class you're playing.

Playing on PC last year I got maybe 3 useful legendary items to drop in a few hundred hours, the xbox dropped about 10 in one normal difficulty playthrough.

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@slantedroom: It's really hard to find a PC that doesn't run Diablo 3; I have one from 2004 that works fine with it.

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@ayp1203: I'm playing on 360, there is no auction house that I'm aware of

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@fredchuckdave: everything was fine except my video card. I'm not much of a PC gamer, so my computer isn't built for games. Everything is pretty much stock, how I bought it. No upgraded parts

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@slantedroom: You rarely if ever see good upgrade option from merchants but if you do notice and upgrade do not be afraid to buy it. Money quickly inflates over levels so you spending a few K here and there is no biggie as you move through the game.

The one notable exception to the above is the merchants that sell rings/amulets, these can be pretty big upgrades early on, (some +dmg rings can boost your dps by a ton) and even at later levels it still pays dividends to check them for a chance at decent stat rings.

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