Diablo released soon?

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Ok before everyone starts, I know these arnt official dates and i know that its only when Blizzard says its ready that its ready but I have noticed that a few websites are stating D3 release dates as being quite soon. For example, both gameplay and HMV are taking pre-orders for march and august respectively. Is this too good to be true? Or are we actually expecting it to drop that soon? God i hope so.

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I can only hope for 09

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There is not a shred of a chance Diablo 3 will be released in 09, I can tell you that. SC2 looks to have a high chance of an 09 release, but even that could fall through, and since SC2 is gonna come out first regardless, Diablo 3 still has a ways to go.

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Unless stated by Blizzard, all these release dates are just speculative.

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Considering its Blizzard then expect it around the 2011 mark.

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Awww you were all suposed to say 'yeah there all right, its comming out in march' :( 

Nevermind eh
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Considering Blizzard is not showing at E3  it seems we will see SC2 at blizzcon with a release date hopefully end of 09.  That leaves D3 for hopefully 2010, of course I cant deny the possibility of an '11 release.    The diablo fan in me prays for a release in Early 2010.

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Its hard to say really.  Blizzard has casually talked about the engine being finished and the main focus for about a year now being solely on content and fine tuning.  How much of that is completely true is hard to say, but the gameplay demos seem rather polished to me so im hopeful.  Its a waiting game at this point, it is blizzard after all.

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After Starcraft II: Wings of Liberation, probably 2010.

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Really just wish they would give a date even if it is in 2011, at least that way I know when to put my life on hold and stock up on energy drinks and pringles.

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Lol @ using evidence from sites that have a 6 month difference in their estimates... Yeah they totally have official info... Anyway, SC2 is closer and we don't even have a date for that so, it's a long wait.

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My point was that although 6 months apart, they are both this year. So lol @ you u dork 

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It's because they are the end of quaters.

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I hope so, it'll be one of the only PC exclusive I own.

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