Did anyone else do this?

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I actually ended up deleting all my characters after Loot 2.0 came out, right before Reaper of Souls dropped. I really didn't like the AH, and liked even less that I was forced to use it to stay current. I salvaged all the items in my stash, but kept the gems, and obviously the money. While I may not have been able to go back to starting completely pure, I feel like I was able to wash the crap of the AH off. It felt good, and now Diablo 3 is the game I really always wanted.

Did anyone else go through a similar soft reset on their D3 account?

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I cant say I really felt the need. It didn't take long got me to replace everything my main had prior to loot 2.0 so it ended up very much being an auto-purge.

But now, I kinda want to delete my character because I've geared him completely wrong and it's pissing me off how little damage he's doing. It seems now, if you aren't going exclusively for main stat, crit chance and crit damage, you're doing it wrong. It seems there's even less freedom than there ever was before. Humph

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I deleted my old character but mostly because I didn't like the class much and just wanted to start over as a crusader, so I sort of had to go from level 1 regardless.

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Yeah i did the same, as a fresh a start as can be and honestly didn't mind not having to reacquire a ton of gems, crafting mats and gold. I was gonna play the same 2 classes as before (Barbarian and Monk) anyway because i don't like the other 3 and then follow with a Crusader.

It was great leveling a new character and constantly keeping my gear up to date with a couple drops and finally making use of the blacksmith. Makes progression not a complete bore compared to before 2.0.

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The first thing I did was to play a Crusader straight through, so I did replay the game, but I don't see any need to play through again as the other classes I'd leveled to 60. The loot may be different, but the skills/gameplay aren't.

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Not really. I re-geared literally all of my AH stuff within an hour.

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That would be too much work compared to just running an old character through where it is clear which gear is new vs old.

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Yes, but mainly because it's been awhile, and I don't like jumping into high level characters when more than a year has passed.

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It kinda soft reseted itself. All my old items became obsolete within minutes of Loot 2.0. And I don't think the leveling process up to 60 had anything to do with that. So meh.

I did do the quest reset though for fun. And played through the story once before RoS came out.

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I deleted my non-max level characters, so basically all but my barb. Since I wanted to relevel them through the new content, I just started over with each. I knew that my barb would end up with entirely new gear from 60 to 70, so I didn't see it as a big deal.

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I tried out loot 2.0 with a 30-something demon hunter that i beat the game with and immediately found way better stuff. Something about that felt weird and i hadn't played in a long time so i just created a monk and am close to beating the game on master and hitting max level, it's been strangely exciting trying to max out and get crazy equipment. I may try maxing out another character, like a barbarian or something. I don't even plan on buying the expansion

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Why? All of that old gear becomes obsolete the minute you hit lvl 70 (if you were geared, if not then at 61), bar very very few specialised items. Same with gems.

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Kinda. I mean I'm not going to play the PC version anymore, and will eventually give it another go on PS4... unless newer and more exciting games get in the way. It really should have come out day and date. Simultaneous releases should be a piece of cake for the likes of Blizzard. Everybody else in the industry does it. Oh well...

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No but I leveled a character separately. Also having gold > not having gold. It's certainly possible to make the game much easier based on past performances though, if that's your thing.

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I did. Only had one level 60 demon hunter and wanted to experience loot 2.0 from level 1 so it wasn't a big loss. There was a 100% weekend exp event and I was playing on Master anyways so I got the new character to 60 before Reaper of Souls even came out.

It was worth it for me, both for getting back into Diablo after almost 1 and a half years and for getting a taste of the new loot stuff.

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