Did this die?

#1 Posted by N3onThr33 (380 posts) -

Did this game die or something? No news at all? Or is this Blizzard's regular routine?

#2 Posted by MB (13150 posts) -

This is Blizzard's regular routine. You'll hear more about this game next year, probably.

#3 Posted by Brendan (8173 posts) -

They want to spaceout the hype train.  This year is Starcraft 2, next year is Diablo 3.

#4 Edited by JJWeatherman (14573 posts) -

Yeah Blizzard pretty much does whatever they want and people don't complain. (In regards to release dates)

#5 Posted by tekmojo (2302 posts) -

Wait till next summer to hear more, kind of like the media attention Starcraft 2 is getting now.

#6 Posted by goodwood (600 posts) -

blizzcon is coming up in August isnt it? wait til then to hear some more bits

#7 Posted by NeoTheta (225 posts) -

From what I've heard, Blizzard has made comments before saying that Diablo III will come out after StarCraft 2. Whether that means the first installment of SC2 or all three, who knows? But as previous posters have said, yes, they're just giving their products some space, which I think is a pretty good plan, seeing as how one publisher or developer releasing too much at once can be hectic.

#8 Posted by Redriderxxl (43 posts) -

Blizzcon is coming up you'll hear some crazy stuff there.

#9 Edited by CallMeRotten (229 posts) -

Like others have said, they are most likely waiting until Blizzcon. I understand why but it does kind of suck that they hold out in favor of their own con and skip any other gaming conventions now.

Oh well.

#10 Posted by Gypze (1 posts) -

Diablo III is planned to release 2010 along with the now delayed SC2. Usually they only release one major title a year for maximum profit, but Diablo III won't be delayed just because SC3 was delayed

#11 Posted by demonbear (1877 posts) -

Let me say something that you can consider fact as far as i'm concerned : 
There's no way this is coming before 2011. So just forget about it for now.

#12 Posted by Happy (261 posts) -

I have nothing worthwhile to add to this necro'd post except... BLIZZCON IN 4 DAYS OMAGAAAD ahdajskdhalkjfhsfuifhif

#13 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3645 posts) -

Blizzard do whatever they want, and still have retarded amounts of ppl going nuts over every single thing they put out

#14 Posted by Jayge_ (10221 posts) -

Waaaaaaaaaahahahaha. Did a Diablo game die in production. Oh lord. Best thread I've read all morning. Don't worry. Once Starcraft blows over we'll get some sweet, sweet loot-whore-style news.

#15 Posted by Kohe321 (3533 posts) -

It's still far from release, so starting the hype now would not be smart.

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