Dutch Ad Points to a Diablo 3 Launch on April 19 Dutch Ad Points

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Dutch Ad Points I guess this isn't spam Dutch Ad Points

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Whoops. Copy-paste gone wrong. Some mod care to fix?

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I'm thinking it's wrong. My guess is they would want to have a firm release date announced for at least 2 months before the game comes out. I also think May sounds more likely.

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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty was given the July 27th releasedate in a press release from Blizzard on May 3rd, which leaves me to hope that we'll at least get a proper statement sometime in March.

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Sounds interesting Dutch Ad Points.

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I really find that unlikely. I've waited this long for a sequel to Diablo II, and seeing as it's not being made by the same team, I don't really mind waiting a little bit longer for something that I expect won't actual satisfy me as a person who just wants modern day Diablo with all the old Gothic trappings and story telling elements. Oddly enough, I'm much more impatient to find out when Heart of the Swarm is coming out even though I'm not as heavily invested in the fiction and don't engage in 1v1's online.

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I think a mid to late April release is entirely plausible at this point. I wouldn't say that just because some Dutch advertiser said it that it must be true but their date could be real for the following: The game is done and now the company is just going through the process of marketing. Marketing is a lot more than just making people aware your product exists, it also entails the distribution of that product. Also keep in mind that Blizzard wants to have a synchronized world-wide release. So there is a lot of background work that goes into play with any release. Yes, they have had release plans in place, but without a firm conclusion to development, it will take them a little time to dot their "i"s and cross their "t"s and make sure everything in the final stretch is done properly.

Also, we know the game is done because of a message Jay Wilson left on the Official Diablo 3 forums. In there it is implied that all of the final systems are in place - which was allegedly the hold-up for the game - not to mentioned the obvious fact that a release date is right around the corner. Messages from Blizzard community managers have taken a shift in tone as well, being more open. Bashiok, a well-known CM on the forums, commented earlier today about the finalized game:

Now that we have all the new systems in I'm going to start from the beginning as soon as I get home, and hope to share more about how systems work for me personally beyond level 13.

Historically, Blizzard's turn-around time has been about 2 months from release date announcement to release. While this prediction would be a bit shorter than 2 months (especially since a date hasn't been announced just yet) I think it is entirely possible because supply chain management has improved a lot in a short amount of time and Blizzard has become increasingly better versed in global marketing. Many of the cases where they could not release globally had less to do with getting the product to its destination, and more to do with localization of the product. That's all been taken care of well in advance with this title.

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Don't worry, Bart Smit (and Intertoys) are just toy shops that try to sell games on the side, they often have no clue what they're on about.
Probably guessed, and if not I'll be happy!

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Amazon has "leaked" another date, close to the one mentioned in the original post. Exciting stuff if true. If not, move along.

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Yep, and Best Buy said its coming out in February. Seriously I bet every time anyone predicts a Diablo III release date, Blizzard just looks at it and says "you know what, we will delay this even more because WE ARE GODS, GODS WHO ARE CRUEL AND LIKE THE TASTE OF TEARS!!!"

Also wasn't there a Diablo III release date prediction thread here? I hope it still goes on.

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Yes, I'd like to add points to my Dutch Diablo.
Also, neither is to be trusted imo. Nor some suspicious site, nor Amazon that has already given fake release dates. But sure, it must be exciting for the hyped.

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19 April 2013.

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