Finding support help without an account?

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I'm hoping any of you has had something similar happen or could help me with this problem i'm having with

I've been thinking about buying d3 and decided to do so today. However, I went to create an account but it said that someone had already connected an account to my email. Then I remembered the WoW trial i had been on last year so I tried to log in using my email and usual password for these kinds of things but it didn't work. So I go and try to reset my pw and see that i need to fill out some first and last name forms. I do so and press continue, but then battle net says that this email/name combination doesnt exist. So i dig deep in my email and find my original registration email to try and see what name I had registered and see that at the top it says : "Hi, x and welcome to" where x is my real first name. So I go back to the pw retrieval thingy and try lots of different versions of my last name with common typos, but all for nothing.

That's when i decide to try and contact support. But guess what? You need an account to submit a ticket...

So tl;dr: I can't log in to, I cant reset my password, I can't create a new account, I can't create a ticket and I can't contact support. Do you guys know of any email or something i could use to contact support? I just want to play diablo :(

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Call them.

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Hm, the thing is that i don't live one of the countries listed for phone support.

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@Blomakrans: try this:

Did you know that you can use Skype to call our Support for Free?

Simply install Skype on your computer or phone and use it to dial +44 800 0288246. Skype does not charge you for calls to +44 800 numbers even from outside the UK!

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@Blomakrans: Maybe I'm not 100% understanding the issue, but can't you just make a phony gmail address that you only use as a B-Net account?

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@Forcen: Ah! Nice, thanks!

@Neferon: I'm from Iceland.

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@Cincaid: No thats true, I could do that. But I'd rather not make another email account just to play D3.

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