Game Over: Man Addicted to Games Dies

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#51 Posted by egg (1339 posts) -

@thebatmobile said:

@egg said:

Say guys, does the US have places where I can play new PC games for 40 hours?

Your home.

I don't have a gaming PC. I like the idea of going to an internet cafe to play games. There isn't one in NYC like that? NYC has a lot of things..

Come to think of it I know this place I went to for MtG tournaments a few times and they have PCs and consoles for gaming.. only problem is it's all in the same room. Which come to think of it is probably the best I can expect in the US.

#52 Posted by JasonR86 (9379 posts) -

I think there was probably more going on then simply 'he was addicted to games so he died'. I know that was the end result but it feels like the tip of an iceberg.

#53 Posted by The_Nubster (1950 posts) -

@WinterSnowblind said:

@Questionable: Gambling addiction comes more from the adrenaline of being able to win/lose a lot of money, not the actual game. There are serious things at stake there, which is obviously not the case with videogames. I won't bother to argue whether or not videogames can be addictive or not, I'm sure they probably can, but if they are, it's to a much smaller degree.

I find this difficult to comprehend anyway. I get bored/tired after a couple of hours at most and have to go and do something else. Videogames have enough warnings about how it's important to take breaks these days too. If anything, maybe internet cafe's should be forced to have limits on how long people can stay. I'm sure the dude would have just gone to a different cafe after his time ran out, but at least that would have been some exercise.

It's nothing to do with adrenaline. I posted earlier, if you want to read that, but to sum it up: when you do pleasurable things, like gamble, play games or have sex, your brain releases dopamine. With certain disorders or from having an addictive personality, you can become addicted to the dopamine release just as you would become dependent on heroin or other drugs, because the dopamine produces a natural high. In effect, your body is manufacturing a drug and you come to associate a certain activity with the high that comes from dopamine.

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Oi! You sir just quoted the wrong person, please fix that up so people don't misinterpret me as a uneducated bumpkin

#55 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8534 posts) -

@RazielCuts said:

'Games don't kill people, bad games kill people.'

Fixed for relevance.

#56 Posted by The_Nubster (1950 posts) -

@Questionable: Oh, sorry. Your name was in the chunk of text I quoted, so it PM'd you as well. Don't worry, you weren't the main object of my quote, so no one will think you're dumb or anything.

#57 Posted by Ulain (315 posts) -

As usual, some activity someone is doing is the focus of blame instead of said person's lack of personal responsibility.

Mental addictions can exist, but this was not one of them. I wouldn't speak ill of the dead, but this really is pathetic, and to blame the cafe for not checking on him sooner? Blame whatever shit guardians/parents should have been monitoring this stupid behavior. An 18 year old missing for almost 2 days was a red flag in the first place.

#58 Posted by jasonefmonk (336 posts) -

Well a person can be addicted to anything they please. It's too bad no one noticed this man and tried to get him some psychological help.

#59 Posted by Evercaptor (392 posts) -

I call the moral of this story, "Natural Law; survival of the fittest" and in the same way I feel little sympathy for those who get themselves chemically dependant of whatever, This mad deserves no more thought. My condolences to his family, however.

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