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#351 Posted by NostalgicShakedown (132 posts) -

Battletag: PowerMonk#1659

Difficulty: Hell


Region: UK

#352 Posted by Bitronix (40 posts) -

Battletag: Rinzler07#2932

Difficulty: Normal

Region: Europe

Class: Wizard

On my first play through, then i'm gonna start multiplayering :)

#353 Posted by sasnipes (111 posts) -

Battletag: BloodyTears#1255

Difficulty: Normal +

Region: America

Classes: Monk, Wizard (others eventually but haven't started)

#354 Posted by madman683 (5 posts) -

BattleTag: Kristiyano#1683

Difficulty: Hell

Region: The Americas

Class: Barbarian

#355 Posted by FoxMulder (1711 posts) -

Battletag: Dreamfall#1923

Difficulty: Normal+

Region: North America

Class: Monk and Wizard

I can do Nighmare with my Monk, but just started a Wizard so I'm still on Normal!

#356 Posted by Phizzly (1 posts) -

Battletag: Phizzly#2342

Difficulty Normal +

Region: Europe

Class: All kinds of classes.

Anybody feel free to add me! Peace ♥

#357 Posted by Wilshere (343 posts) -

Battletag: Wilshere#2531

Difficulty: Inferno Act 2

Region: Europe

Class: Monk

#358 Posted by destruktive (1069 posts) -


Region: EU, Inferno act 3 and 4 farming. Barbarian mostly

#359 Posted by ElCount (71 posts) -

Battletag:: ElCount#1255

Difficulty: normal

Region: Americas

Class: Monk

#360 Posted by FirePrince (1767 posts) -





I just started, and will be lvl-ing up a Monk and a Wizard, but I kinda want to start new games with other people with other chars too.

#361 Posted by jasonefmonk (346 posts) -

Battletag: ookami#1962

Region: Americas

All difficulties and all classes (eventually). I currently have a 60 (7) monk and a 13 wizard.

#362 Posted by NostalgicShakedown (132 posts) -

I couldn't see my name but I was sure that I added it. In any case, I've upgraded all characters to Inferno so here's my new status:

Battletag: PowerMonk#1659

Region: Europe

Difficulty: Inferno

Class: Any

#363 Edited by UnderTheFloor (2 posts) -

Battletag: UnderMyFloor#2548

Difficulty: All

Region: EU

Class: Monk for Hell up, Witch Doctor for Normal up

#364 Posted by Winterstrike (69 posts) -

Battletag: Winternetmd#2522

Difficulty: Inferno

Region: EU

Class: Barbarian

#365 Posted by Garris (195 posts) -

Battletag: RobotNinja#11298

Difficulty : Normal right now

Region: Canada

Class: 15 Monk and 9 Barb trying all classes

#366 Posted by spiralcut (116 posts) -

Just wanted to let the OP of this thread know, and all posters, that Blizzard has made it easier to have friends online. Simply bring up the Clans menu, *N*, and search for BOMB.

#367 Posted by Asmo917 (423 posts) -

Battletag: Asmo917#1312

Difficulty: Normal for now, so Normal +

Region: Americas

Class: Barbarian, willing to try others

#368 Edited by MachoFantastico (4890 posts) -

Battletag: Fantastico#2869

Difficulty: Hard+

Region: Europe

Class: Monk (and probably others).

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