Has anyone NOT played this game yet? LFG

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#1 Posted by EpicSteve (6908 posts) -

Probably going to jump into this game in about two weeks. Anyone interested in running through on Normal difficulty?

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#2 Posted by SuicidalSnowman (467 posts) -

Im still working my way through normal, about Act II now. My schedule probably won't let me play straight through with you, but I would be willing to run together if we were on at the same time. RenegadTrout#1348

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#3 Posted by NickL (2267 posts) -

Whatever you do don't run a public game. At this point people will just be flying through the content and making you go way faster then you will want to.

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#4 Posted by jasonefmonk (378 posts) -

Yeah I would avoid a public game for your first play through, everyone races to see who can skip the content the fastest. I have a low level (13) wizard or could start a new character class if you want someone to play through with without jumping through everything. Add me at ookami#1962.

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#5 Posted by Turkfinn (85 posts) -

Yea, people are going to skip everything in a public game. I'm always down for playing with some duders with a fresh new character for fun. Add me if you wanna blow some demons up Turkfinn#1436

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#6 Posted by tunaburn (2017 posts) -

im in inferno. i gotta be honest. without PVP i cant really see myself playing much more. i got good enough gear and im lvl 60. even the new paragon system isnt enough.

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