How are you playing Diablo 3?

#1 Posted by BillWhiskey601 (92 posts) -

I've got a lvl 30 DH and lvl 9 WD. I'm at the portal that leads to Act 4 with my DH and still in Act 1 with the WD, so i haven't opened the Nightmare difficulty yet. My question is, how do you guys level your characters? Do you go through the harder difficulties with your "main" until you get tired of them or do you finish up normal with new classes before taking your 1st character to 60? Or just jump between classes as you fel like it? I know there's probably no "right" way to go about it, but just curious to see how others are handling it. In my experieces you sort to have to get in a rhythm with a character to so jumping back in forth seems a like it would be a little wired for me.

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I originally was jumping back between my barb and my wizard up to level 35, then me and my brother got together this weekend and pushed one character up to 60. Mine was barb. I recommend doing this, it gives a good idea of the later difficulty levels and allows you to have a hero that can farm gold and/or items for lower level dudes.

Each to their own, though!

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I have a lvl 49 Barbarian at Act 4 Nightmare and a lvl 33 Wizard who I got to Act 1 Nightmare in one day. I would call the Barb my main, but I only play it when my friend is on his Monk, and therein lies my method.


It can be more frustrating sometimes, but most of all, if you're fine with main-lining the game then multiplayer is the funnest way to level quickly, imo. Not that you level much faster with respect to where you are that I have noticed (eg, you seem to level much the same in an act playing solo or multiplayer), but you have more people with you who have an idea where to go, or more people to search an area. Oh, and you have the all-important thing, someone to rez you when you get attacked by freezing arcane elites >_>

With my wizard, who I did second, I just jumped into a public game for an act, left and auction housed my gear to optimal and repeated this for each of the 4 acts. It's sad that AH is such an effective way of speeding up your progress, but it is - I still think the itemization in this game is fucked (my wizard is magic find oriented and still finds nothing of use to either of my characters - atm he's on +120%, which is quite high for his level)

ED: As for jumping between characters, I would agree that for about 5-10 mins after switching it's a bit jarring, but after that I don't find it much of an issue.

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All my time has been put into a level 40 Barbarian. But after watching some Wizard high level play the Barbarian seems boring to me now.. I can't be bothered to level up another character though. I only play it about for 1 hour every other day so not making much progress. I might just stop!

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Yeah, I think that I'll finish up my first play through with my DH to get though the story stuff and then try multiplayer with the additional characters. @selfconfessedcynic your right, it usually doesn't take too long to get use to a character after after a switch but those 1st 5 minutes... Geez

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Level 46 barb, a 43 monk, and a 12 wizard. The first two are the ones i play only with other specific groups. Wizard is my solo/ play with whoever whenever.

#7 Posted by falling_fast (2621 posts) -

in spirit

#8 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

With a mouse.

#9 Posted by UitDeToekomst (790 posts) -

Poorly. Yeah, I am really, really bad. But I have a lvl 49 Barbarian on Nightmare Act 3 as my main dude, plus a lvl 24 Monk and a lvl 12 Demon Hunter that I use mostly for multiplayer. I also created Witch Doctor and Wizard, but have hardly used either of them yet. They are both lvl 4 or 5.

#10 Posted by WMWA (1219 posts) -

Level 60 on my barb. Thinking about starting a Demon Hunter now, the inferno wall is steep. Plus, no one on my friends list is in inferno yet

#11 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1083 posts) -

Finished Normal with a Wizard and then I started Normal again with a Monk, played him for about an hour, then decided for no specific reason to start Normal yet again with a Witch Doctor. Stuck with the WD up to Act II then hopped back over to the Wizard on Nightmare and played until near the end of Act I.

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I have a level 29 or so WD that is my main and a level 20 or so barbarian that I only play when my wife is playing her monk. The WD is awesome but there's just something about stunning a group of 12 enemies that feels incredible.

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My main is a 52 DH on Act I of Hell, who I spend most of my solo time on. As that's gotten harder though, I've started taking breaks on a monk, who I play in public games. He's level 15 now. Then I have a 20ish wizard who I play with a friend.

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In fits and starts. For some reason after my marathon of Diablo 3 after it came out I'm not into it as much anymore. I'll get back to it.

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I play one character at a time, but I only play Hardcore (and only solo). So as soon as I lose a character (and that is inevitable) I go back to the character creator and roll a different class/gender. I play in pretty large spurts.

Currently I am on a level 42 Wizard, Act 2 NM. It's my second character I've cleared normal with, and my fourth character overall. My first two characters were unfortunate server-related deaths due to me trying to play on launch day.

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Right now sticking with 1 char, my level 52 demon hunter. Hopefully I can finish Hell and at least try Inferno. If I get to a point in Inferno where I can't advance solo I'll try a monk or wizard

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I've got a 26 Wizard, 25 Barbarian, 28 Monk, 17 Demon Hunter, and 11 Witch Doctor.

I like seeing how different characters play but I'm probably going to get all except the WD (just not feeling the class as much from what I've played and seen from others higher level) up to about 30 then focus on one.

I'm trying to play through acts alone first to see the story and explore at my own pace then I'll play whatever part of the act I can over again a few times in public games collecting gear, gold, and mats and leveling until I feel like moving on.

#18 Posted by Bane (504 posts) -

I played all the classes up to the same point just to get a feel for them. Not very far mind you, just to level 5 or so. Then I chose Demon Hunter as my main and she's currently level 36-ish. I also have a Wizard that I only use in multiplayer.

I'll keep playing the DH until she's maxed out or I get bored, then I'm thinking a Monk is next.

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