I am a Diabloholic...

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Hello... My name is Luke and I am a Diabloholic...
My addiction started about 9 years a go with the release of Lord of Destruction... I saw it on the shelf and went to purchase it. After being told I would need the base game I decided to pick that up with it and thus begun one of the best gaming experiences you could possibly ask for back then...
Since that fateful day I have gone back and played Diablo 1 multiple times as well as still play Diablo 2 every couple of months or so...
Now this is the scary bit... I am actually losing sleep waiting for Diablo 3 - I have waited patiently for years and said even at announce that the earliest it would be out is Summer 2011; it does seem quite likely that the game will release sometime this year given how close it seems to be and the info we have on the game now.
I have tried alternatives and became quite amused with Titan Quest + Immortal Throne for a while, as well as Sacred, Sacred 2, Torchlight and a whole host of what we commonly call Diablo clones but I am nearing my sanity's end... nothing but the best will feed my addiction now...
This is my plea... nothing more... that I at least admit I have a problem; an addition... waiting for this game...
Ps: I am 24 years old and engaged... My Fiancee understands my problem and said she will not disturb me for 48 hours the night it gets released... as she will be playing it too! (aren't I a lucky bugger? xD )
Sign if you have come to terms with your addiction as well and share your story of how and where you got your first Diablo fix?

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Damn brah...you need to stop playing diablo and go hit that...by that i mean your fiance...and by hit i mean have sex with :D
*edit* Also,why the hell are you getting married at 24?...

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This your idea of a joke? 
If yes, haha 
If no, seek help.

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I wish i was you... getting married with a chick who is going to share your enjoyment in its release? is she pretty? if she is pretty and not a gamer, its even more important :P. 

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Well, you know Diablo 3 isn't made by the same team that made Diablo 1 and 2, don't you? 
And according to interviews, Diablo 3 will feature a different take on the Diablo franchise. 
If I were you I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, or you might be greatly disappointed. 

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You're doing it wrong.

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When did they release Diablohol? Is it tasty?

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@ThreeMegabytes said:
" @Lepruk86 said:

" she will not disturb me for 48 hours the night it gets released "

I lol'd at this part. How is talking to your bride-to-be "disturbing" you. "
Only if you seen her...
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haha tbh this was a semi-joke. I am not really losing sleep over it (honest!!!) but yes my Fiancee is indeed a gamer chick and yes she is sexy... really lads would I settle for anything less? And no I am not posting a photo here for you all to judge you scary Internet people you!...
On a semi-serious note though I am well aware that the makers of TL (at least the 2 leaders of that project) are the makers of D1/D2 - however the budget blizzard can offer just makes D3 seem like a much better game overall...
And the deal thing isn't quite that serious but I have said I will be playing it night of release and she likes D2 and said she will probably stay up and play it with me... (the game... nothing rude children!)
Why be engaged this young? Well have said we will start sorting a wedding out once we get our careers sorted - we are both teachers and it is simply a matter of finding a location where we can both get employment as well as actually want to live etc.
But I really do remember D2 + Exp being one of my fondest gaming sessions back then and so the Diablo-franchise as a whole hits a nostalgia nerve and it will likely be my GOTY 2011 just because I still enjoy these ye' olde' pc style games... (don't worry; we do have an 360 and PS3 in the household so we aren't completely in the dark ages)...
But seriously; none of you have a memory like that with D2? Such a classic and all should know Diablo's terror (albeit horribly pixelated terror by today's standards)...

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I played the hell out of Diablo starting back in 1998.  And Diablo 2 and all the clones you mentioned (except Torchlight, still haven't tried that one).  For a while I'd end up dusting off Diablo 2 every other year or so.  But really?  I'm not all that hot for Diablo 3.  I mean sure I'm looking forward to it, but I just don't believe it's gonna scratch a good itch for me, ya know?   Maybe I've grown out of the old dungeon crawler types.  I prefer a little more depth to my RPGs now I think, though there's still something to be said for the good dungeon crawl. 
Bah, you're not too young.  My younger brother is getting married this year, he's 27.  My husband and I got together when I was 19 and married when I was 23 or 24.    Hell, I congratulate you on being serious enough to consider marriage.  Apparently marriage is becoming a thing of the past.
And gaming with your s/o is always great.  I understand what you guys have going.  

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i have a similar experience with diablo 2, and i still go back to it every once in a while just as you do 
When i was very young i watched my older brother play diablo 1 from start to finish but never played it myself because i thought it was super scary (like i said, very young) 
When diablo 2 came out i remember we were on vacation somewhere and we bought it in the middle of vacation and it just sat in the hotel room for a few days tormenting me. 
my brother got to play it first but i eventually got my chance and have never looked back  
also, i really really wish it does, but i doubt d3 will be coming out this year 
With blizzards record of not releasing anything until it is highly polished (also the developers usually spend weeks polishing the area they are going to demo, we really have no idea how far along anything else in the game is at this point) 
while i hope 2011, i really think it will probably be 2012 at the earliest =( 
edit: diablo 2 was that game that my mother got up at 2 in the morning and told me to go to bed or i would be in trouble as a kid... 

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I really enjoy that type of game myself. Titan Quest is a game I love a lot. I'm really hoping Diablo 3 indeed comes out this year, I'm very interested to play it.

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I anticipate my partner will play Diablo 3 with me

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Speaking of which, anyone wanna play D2 with me on US East?  Still haven't loaded it up, but it is installed.

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You're a fucking liar, there's no such thing as Diablohol.

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@DrPockets000:  I really want someone to invent it now!
I imagine it to taste like tomato juice, lime and cola with red food colouring tn ensure it remains a nice blood red colour...
*goes to mix it up*... >.<
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I wouldn't say I have it THIS bad, but yeah. Diablo is one of my favorite game series of all time. Definitely extremely highly anticipated. I think it's been long enough already though to where I'm just kinda content until it ships.

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Addicted to Diablo and losing sleep over Diablo 3? Really? You are weird. I can't see anyone losing sleep over a game that will be just a mindless dungeon crawler...
Also Diablo 3 may not come out this year due to RPG overload...

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@Lepruk86: Sounds delicious.
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@Lepruk86: Sounds delicious.
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@phrosnite:  Did you read my second post? This was a semi-joke (as in I am not losing sleep over it and yes my life/career etc is all progressing normally)... but this is indeed at the same time my most anticipated game of 2011/2012/2013 (whenever they decide to release it)...
@JJWeatherman: Yeah I am content in waiting; as you said it has been a very long trip to release already and there are tonnes of other games out there to keep us entertained - In all fairness Torchlight 2 looks really good as a dungeon crawler.
I don't know really - I just really like Dungeon crawlers still; i mean before visuals were even a real thing I used to play a bunch of old text based MuD's (stuff like Avalon for example). WoW kept me amused for about three years but I prefer the sense of isolation and story progression you tend  to get in a single-player game. I mean one of my favourite games recently was Batman: AA (I have yet to play Deadspace or Deadspace 2 but they seem like my kind of games - just haven't got round to that series yet)
And yes I know D2 and D3 are a bit more MP focused but I usually play through them a lone as I enjoy exploring and probably frustrate a lot of people with my needlessly checking every bit of loot mentality.
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Diablo 2 LOD was the only game I was actually addicted to in my life.  Played 30 hours straight at one point in  2002 0_0,     No other game had done that to me ever since, and hopefully stays that way :).  
I wish Diablo 3 gets released in winter, so I can play it while hibernating through canadian winter  in my cave. 

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@ Lepruk86  There is plenty to get excited about.  
Here is a short list of things to wet your appetite 
1: Runestones: each runestone will change the graphics of each skill as well as alter how they work, in some cases drastically e.i. the WD skill plague of toads,  normally when you use the skill it sends out a few small toads that hop around and pop when it runs into a mob dealing poison damage, with the Obsidian runestone it summons a giant toad that can swallow up mobs.  Each class will have somewhere between 20-25 skills meaning with runestones there will be about 100-125 skills per class, roughly 700 for all the classes combined. 
2: Salvage chest, Scroll of Wealth & Talisman: Remember all those times you had to run back to town to sell the junk in your bag?  Well that's not going to happen as much in D3.  In D3 you have a few options, you can break the unwanted items down to get crafting mats or you can sell them right there on the spot with the handy Scroll of Wealth (magic, its awesome) Also remember all those charms that took up about 80% of your bag space? well the Talisman is a dedicated inventory for them that expands as you go up in lvl.  So now you don't have to go back to town unless you want to. 
3: Unique Resources for each class, (giving combat a different feel for each class)   Take the Monk as an example, he uses Spirit, and has combo moves to build up it, and all non combo moves take away from it.  So you play a balancing act of attack with combo moves then using non combo moves to deal with special occasions.

4: A fully developed END GAME:  In D2 everything after normal was just thrown out there with no real thought as to how to make it interesting,  All you did in D2, after normal, was do boss runs.   The devs for D3 have said they want to have something better then just that. 
If your looking for more about D3 here is a great Fan Website

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I've never played much of Diablo at all. I played Diablo for maybe a week when it first came out and couldn't get into it. I recently bought Diablo 2 from Blizzard's online store and think it's fantastic. The graphics are old and dated, but I'm having a blast playing it. For such an old game, it sure does kick ass still and is a ton better than most RPG's i've played this gen imo. Even though it's a hack and slash dungeon crawler, it's amazingly fun. I have massive interest in Diablo 3 now and cannot wait for it to come out.

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