Introducing DiabloAH - A mobile web app for the Auction House

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Hi guys,

Having had some success on Reddit, I thought I would clue you fine folks in on a mobile web app I made called DiabloAH.

Tired of Diablo 3's Auction House lacking some key features, I decided to create an app that mimics one of my favorite addons from WoW (specifically Auctioneer) that can be used on mobile devices.

Because there is no API for the Auction House, it does require you to provide some specific details about an item, but, once complete, offers rich features like Comparison Stats, Bid/Buyout Suggestions, and Market Research (a neat feature that compares your item against all other successful sales to determine it's worth).

Today, DiabloAH is much more powerful than the Excel Spreadsheet it began as and has helped me sell over 70 items and make a little under 1.5 million gold (and 4 dollars!) on the AH. And, as of this writing, is being used by hundreds of other players.

I do want to mention that this isn't a scam or anything like that. I'm hosting the app on my own dime. It does ask for an email address and password, but I don't do anything with them.

You can absolutely use a completely bogus email address and password as long as you remember it.

Please DO NOT use your BNET Account information. This app is standalone and does not connect to Blizzard's Servers.


More details about the app (as well as screenshots) can be found on it's "About" page:

About DiabloAH

Recent updates can be found on the "Latest Updates" page:

Latest Updates

And, you are also welcome to read the reddit where I first announced the app by visiting:

Introducing DiabloAH (reddit)


I'll gladly answer any questions you might have about the app on here as well. I make little applications like this all the time, but I generally keep them private. This is the first one I sunk a large amount of time into and I wanted to share it. Not to mention, the more users it has, the better it becomes.

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Looks pretty awesome!

I'll give it a try tonight.

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I just want to take a second to point out that I made a change to the application tonight so that is no longer requires a username in a e-mail address format. I had a lot of people believing I was phishing for Battle.Net Accounts and, while I absolutely wasn't, I couldn't argue that I had chosen my field names... poorly.

Anyway, use whatever username and password you want. And I've added some pretty noticeable warnings as well.


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Just wanted to let you guys know that DiabloAHhit Level 7 tonight!

This latest update brings much needed improvements to the Market Research suggestions in the form of bogus, invalid data filtering and three powerful new settings.

Also, an improved experience for those using Bid-Only Auctions and the ability to change your DiabloAH credentials.

Be one of over 900 heroes of Sanctuary, and check it out on DiabloAH!

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