Is anyone still playing Diablo 3 on PC?

#1 Posted by bunnyfiend (35 posts) -

I have a lvl 60 Act 4 Monk and just started a witch doctor. Would love to play with others.

#2 Posted by Wampa1 (816 posts) -

@bunnyfiend: I am but I'm only a Level 51 Barbarian on my Hell playthough, might be a bit low level.

#3 Edited by Carryboy (933 posts) -

yeh, but not because im balls deep into the end game but I am still on my first play-through

#4 Posted by myketuna (1785 posts) -

I recently started playing off and on. Haven't played since a buddy gifted me Payday 2 and I started a coop play through of Dead Space 3 with another friend of mine. Those two games occupy my time now.

Regardless, there's a good amount of people playing on PC. You can always join up with random people (which what I would do when my friends aren't on). Most of the community is cool and is either silent or helpful. Some dude gave me pretty good items for free once.

#5 Edited by OldManLight (1086 posts) -

just started up again with a new character. still have my level 60 monk who's been stuck in act 3 inferno since they implemented the paragon levels.

trying to start from scratch with Monster Power jacked way up to 10. The XP boost is nice but the game still has the problem of being stingy with the good loot despite my guy having a magic find of 100% at the start of the game.

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