Is my internet connection to slow to play singleplayer?

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I never thought I'd be asking a question that sounds as absurd as this, but I think my internet connection is rendering Diablo 3 singleplayer unplayable for me at this point. I have a 1.5 mbps connection with a ping of about 55. During play sessions, I will randomly lose the ability to execute attacks. My demon hunter does the animations, but the attacks themselves don't activate for a few seconds. Traveling into new areas also causes a big lag. Things started to get really obnoxious when I watched the cutscene of my character finding Deckard Cain. Even though the cutscene should have ended, it stayed up and the characters did an idle animation for about 2 minutes. After that, I was greeted with a death screen because while I could only see the cutscene, my character was actually being slaughtered.

Anyways, is my internet connection too slow to communicate with the Blizzard servers and causing all of this lag? I know it's not my actual PC, considering I'm running an i7 2600k and a GTX 570. I also have never had problems playing online games (even Starcraft 2) with this internet connection before.

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is this even possible not being an ass i really have a genuine concern about this

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@darkvare: Well as of a couple minutes ago, the game just booted me and told me that my connection was lost, despite being connected to my router the entire time. So the only logical conclusion I could come up with was this.

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well these guys climbed a mountain and played single player over 3G.  according to the article it was far from ideal but playable... 

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55 is the in game ping? That should be fine, I usually have one in the 200s.

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@mosdl said:

55 is the in game ping? That should be fine, I usually have one in the 200s.

well that was me just pulling up the command prompt and pinging Google's servers. Sometimes it will go as high as 300, but it usually sits around 55-60.

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You get lagspikes since their servers are shit. The connection is fine.

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Oh wow, I didn't realize you could check latency from in-game. I'm sitting at 1400ms. Anyways, thanks for the info, .

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I never have under 200ms and I can't tell the difference between low ping and "high" ping in this game. I do get lag spikes but nothing horrifyingly bothersome.

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I find that at least 1-2 in any given play session I will have the game lag out for 5-10 seconds and then snap back to normal. I have also had it kick me out twice. It's definitely annoying. Sure that's 2 times in 16 hours of gameplay roughly, but still, it's a situation that only occurs because I'm forced to play my single player game online.

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Well, 1400ms is indeed very high. But, your internet connection can't be that shitty. Must be something on their side.

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One night I got 500 ms ping, game was laggy as hell. Do you have anything downloading running in the background perhaps?

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I find it more odd that people are OK with lag spikes in a single player game in this thread. A game company will never get money from me if I can experience lag spikes in a single player game. That is poor design.

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@MikeHawk: I'm having a same problem. Internet connection definitely affect your gameplay. I thought that was ridiculous

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@MikeHawk: Dude, 1.5Mb is easily enough. Plus 50 ping is good, probably above average. I used to have a 0.5Mb connection, and was able to play COD Multiplayer competitively (and well) with a 150+ ping. Your internet is more than fine for multiplayer, so I can't imagine why you'd have issues with DIII's pseudo-single player

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This is purely on Blizzard's server end, not your connection. I'm rockin' 250 latency and having the same issues as you, and it's not that slow on any other game. They'll get it rectified someday...I hope.

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Alrite, i see alot of bad or incorrect information in this thread and wanted to throw in my two cents here.

MikeHawk, as you have learned, you can check your in game latency by mousing over the little green/yellow/red bar beside your mana/spirit/whatever pool. This is very important, because "pinging" one server is not the same as"pinging" another. Pinging or the proper term latency, is literally the amount of time it takes for your computer to send a message, and receive a reply back. As you did, pinging google, who has millions of servers, spread all throughout the world, that are not congested, could simply mean you are "talking" to a server in your town, just down the street from you. This is a very small distance and doesnt take a long time to communicate, hence the reason you got a 55 milisecond ping. Talking to blizzards servers, which could be thousands and thousands of miles away from your home, which are under heavy load and network congestion, means you will get a higher ping, and a usual acceptable range for this ping is 100-350 milliseconds. Going outside of this range, you might start to experience "warping" or unresponsive controls. What im trying ot get across here though, is that "pinging" a server isnt a consistent thing, its different for every server you communicate with.

So latency is how long it takes, your bandwidth, which you said was 1.5mb, is the maximum amount of data you can communicate at a time(think of this as like water in a pipe, you have a 1.5 inch pipe and can only force so much water through, if you had a 3 inch pipe you could force more water through faster), however diablo 3 requires very little data to be sent, less than 1% of your connection will be used by diablo. So, bandwidth really isnt a concern.

Now what you are experiencing is happening to alot of people, and it is due to the load on blizzards servers. You will more than likely see this disappear over the coming weeks, and in a month or two will hopefully never see it again. But right now there are millions of people all trying to play this game, and blizzards servers simply cant handle it. So if you get disconnections or warping or whatever else, this more than likely isnt an issue with your internet, but it is on blizzards end. Now with that being said, you could still be a factor in this. For example antivirus programs often contain some sort of firewall software as well, which could be interfering with the games ability to communicate with the servers. Torrenting software as well can wreck havoc on your internet connection, this includes even if the software is not running on your computer, but say a sibling was running it on their laptop which uses the same internet connection.

Lastly i wanted to add in a little tidbit, now im not attempting to defend blizzards decision to make this game require internet connectivity, but diablo isnt meant to be a single player experience. You can play it single player, but it is ultimately meant to be played as a social experience. For an example, the smash brother games are good as single player games, but are meant to be played with friends, they are meant to be a social experience. Or take any mmo, you can play them single player, but ultimately you are missing out on an important aspect of the game. Also taking into account the need to prevent hacks/duping due to the real money auction house, i can see the constant internet connection as being justified in that way. To end this, personally i have enjoyed the hell out of diablo 3 so far, there have been a few roadbumps, but nothing that has soured the experience for me really, and im gonna keep on playing

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