It finally account was stolen.

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#51 Posted by MB (12387 posts) -

24 hours later and my account has been restored and my Diablo 3 characters rolled back to before the compromise. Unfortunately my entire balance was used to purchase World of Warcraft game time, which has not been returned to me. I reopened the support ticket and asked them to look into this, so we'll see what happens.

Along with a half-dozen automatically generated Blizzard emails telling me my account has been locked, a name change forced, etc, I got this canned response:

This is the latest response from Customer Support:

Greetings mate,

My name is Leynril and I hope this message finds you well. I'm sorry that we couldn't have a conversation while you were online (it's not possible with D3), but I just wanted to let you know that I got your ticket about your reported compromise, and I have taken an in-depth look into this for you. Given that we're basically communicating through email now, this message will likely be a bit long, so I appreciate your patience. I wanted to make sure to cover all the bases. =)

As I understand it, your reason for contacting us is to have the account investigated. If this is correct, then the rest of this message should make sense and give you a clear and accurate resolution. If for some reason I've misunderstood your request, please feel free to reopen this issue at your earliest convenience and we will clarify it a bit more. =)

While investigating this for you, I discovered your D3 account has been compromised. The account currently has a security lock placed on it and I have emailed you details regarding restoration of that account and how to recover it to your email address. I would greatly appreciate it if you could review those emails as soon as possible.

Before I go, I want to reiterate just how much we appreciate your patience, and just you as a whole. <3 Our game wouldn't be what it is without valued and dedicated players such as you. If there is ever anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable, please just let us know! It's our goal to provide you, and all players, with the most epic customer support ever! =D

Thank you for letting me borrow some of your time today. I certainly hope that I have helped you with your situation.

Best Wishes,

Game Master Leynril

Customer Services

Blizzard Entertainment

#52 Posted by Vexxan (4620 posts) -

I have two accounts, both protected by authenticators and still they managed to get hacked, last time was no longer than two weeks ago. Blizzard has great support so I know I get my stuff back when there's trouble but it still baffles me how the hackers manage to steal my stuff.

#53 Edited by takayamasama (439 posts) -

@MB: Yay, glad to hear that the account is back! It sucks when people lose their accounts for good, glad that wasn't the case here.

It sucks that Blizzard has issues with security at times, though I know they are trying. No company wants to have the image that they don't care about their clients, it's just unfortunate that due to Blizzards size and fame as a company, they probably attract so much negative attention from hackers and spoilsports.

I hope one day we move past this phase, and this kinda dumb stuff is no longer a thing. I doubt it, but I can wish.

#55 Posted by valrog (3671 posts) -

@MB: So paying World of Warcraft subscription is (now) possible with balance? Also, that response was pretty awesome, I love it when the customer support actually tries to make this as painless ass possible for the customer. Glad to hear you got your account back, it could happen to any of us. At least Blizzard is doing their job properly regarding those compromises.

#56 Posted by Ulain (315 posts) -

@valrog: I think it was always possible as long as you used the money on Blizzard products, or at least has been for a while. If I remember, it actually caused an uproar for people who just wanted the cold, hard cash, but Blizzard wanting you to use that money for more of their crap.

Anyway gratz MB!!!!

#57 Posted by valrog (3671 posts) -

@Ulain: Hm, I remember in the Diablo III RMAH thread that people said that this will not cover World of Warcraft subscription, but anything else in the store is fair game.

#58 Posted by ShockD (2401 posts) -

Do they do this just to get to your games?

#59 Posted by AuthenticM (3725 posts) -

Why is this shit happening in 2012 ? You'd think that the maker of the biggest MMO in history, owned by the biggest game publisher on the planet, would be on top of their fucking shit.

#60 Posted by emem (1966 posts) -
@AuthenticM said:

Why is this shit happening in 2012 ? You'd think that the maker of the biggest MMO in history, owned by the biggest game publisher on the planet, would be on top of their fucking shit.

Nothing's unhackable.
#61 Edited by MB (12387 posts) -

Another 24 hours later, all of the money that the attackers used to buy WoW game time has been refunded to my balance. All is back to normal and I have a new authenticator attached to it. Still not interested in playing D3 any more right now, though...but at least it's there for the future.

#62 Posted by MB (12387 posts) -

Update, and not a great one.

Last week I tried to actually log in to my Diablo 3 game which was supposedly recovered and returned to my control, and it was, sort of. It turns out that I was still banned from playing even though my account status said Active and I was able to log in to So...I emailed support. What a fucking nightmare.

In order to lift the ban, they requested that I verify my identity again by sending them a scan of my identification...again. I complied. A day later, I get an email response saying that the identification I provided was not sufficient, and that I not only needed to send in a picture of my face with my passport next to it, but a picture of said passport next to a current publication such as a newspaper with a visible date. I again complied.

A day photographic proof of identify has been deemed unacceptable and I'm asked to send in yet another form of identification. I think, hm...I have a driver's license, I can use that right? I go through the hassle of taking pictures of myself with the license (awkward) and of the license with a newspaper, and send it in to them. I begin waiting.

A day photographic proof of identity has again been deemed unacceptable according to the new canned email response I got from Blizzard. They want a new form of identification that isn't my US Passport or driver's license. I figure, official US Department of Defense ID with my name and picture on it next to my face should be good enough, right? I take pictures of it as usual, redact information I deem to be private and sensitive from the picture, and send it in. I begin waiting again.

A day photographic proof of identity has been deemed unacceptable because it was "altered". Fuck. In frustration I reply to the Blizzard Support ticket with a picture of my passport and nothing an hour, I get a password reset email and notification that my account has been reinstated for play.

Get your shit together, Blizzard. For fuck's sake!

#63 Posted by Ben_H (3354 posts) -

I had my Battlenet account  compromised. The only thing on it was SC2 so I don't know why they would take it. Also, I ran about 6 different scans/anti-malware/keylogger programs and none of them detected a thing on my desktop. I wiped it anyway just to be safe but still. My main computer is my MacBook Pro so it wouldn't have been from that.
Wasn't nearly as terrifying as my Steam getting compromised. I still don't know how that happened (my computer scanned clean from a bunch of different tests. I did way more for this than my Bnet account). They changed my email, password and security questions. The stupid thing is that I had the account logged in from before it got hacked on my laptop so I could tell if they tried to log on, they never did the whole 2 days it was compromised. They must have just been looking for CC stuff. Luckily I use other means to pay so I was safe plus I have about 6 physical games registered to it so I used one of those for my recovery process application. It was nice and quick to get fixed. I thought it would be a week or two.

#64 Posted by TruthTellah (9033 posts) -

@MB: Sorry to hear that, MB. I've had my Battlenet account get messed with twice before, and it's certainly unsettling. Hopefully this is the end of it for you.

#65 Posted by gamefreak9 (2359 posts) -

@MB: my account is locked for similar reason. How did you manage to submit a ticket without logging into your account?

#66 Posted by MB (12387 posts) -
#67 Edited by cosi83 (397 posts) -

I plan to use the safe key thingy on ipad. Eh i want to buy this tomorrow. If it is already installed on the computer in the internet cafe, can i save some money and just buy the key digitally?

#68 Posted by tamriilin (94 posts) -

I honestly don't understand how anybody gets their account stolen anymore. With how wide-spread smartphones are these days, it's the easiest thing in the world to attach an authenticator to your account. And even if you don't own a smartphone, an Authenticator is literally $5-6.

#69 Posted by CptBedlam (4451 posts) -

@tamriilin: You really feel like defending Blizzard and Diablo 3 today, huh? Can we expect more stupid threads like the one about why people wrongly hate D3?

#70 Posted by stevehunter (1 posts) -

Funny that the same thing happened to me from the same email domain

#71 Posted by ocdog45 (675 posts) -

So scared of that happening to me. My email got taken from the DayZ hack, luckily I used a completely different password only for that game.

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