Let's Talk About Group Questing

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Hey everyone, how about that open beta weekend? It was pretty fun in my opinion. During the weekend I played all the classes except demon hunter through the skeleton king arc. I created a monk first and jumped into the single player and started questing. Eventually I decided to open my game to the public and was connected to a full party almost instantly. However, once this happened, all questing dialog pretty much went out the window. Anytime we would start a new quest or progress through one, all dialog was skipped by almost everyone. I understand it was a beta weekend and people probably wanted to play as many characters as they could. But I have to ask, is this the way the full game should work? I personally love story in video games and it really bothers me that other online players can affect me from experiencing the story of Diablo III. I also dont feel like I should have to choose between only playing single player to fix that issue either. What are your thoughts about this?

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Well it's kind of a fast paced game especially so in MP, people will always want to go go go, eveyone's time is precious to them :P
Don't really mind the way it's done currently, if you want a mellow paced story experience SP is perfect for that, group stuff kind of goes against that in pretty much every game, D3 especially.
Forcing eveyone to listen to dialogue or cutscenes in MP is pretty much out of the question.
The only way i can see to fix this is to have a vote system, but that would be really cumbersome for every conversation and would really slow shit down once again i think. 
Story and narative has never really been Diablo's strong suit anyway.
You can just play with friends and not skip cutscenes that way.
But if you are going into MP and partyign up with random dudes it's kind oif unavoidable.

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I like it this way too. It seems fine, that said I don't mind it because I usually get through the story alone on my first run, and then go with people when i'm doing it again. Though since i'm playing with RL friends who also really love story telling i'm probably going to find people who don't skip dialogue. I guess you could go in LFG channel and say your looking for people who won't skip dialogue.

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Yes, you make valid points there. I just wish it was possible for the dialog to be individually tied to each player instead of the party as a whole. That would work well to fix my problem but coding wise, it might be a nightmare to pull that off...

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@Xanadu: I'm pretty sure you can hear the quest dialogue again if you miss it. I was playing with my friend and I started a quest before he was back at the town, but he was able to re-click on the character and hear it again for himself.

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Yeah the problem is with random multiplayer, even if the people you do play with cared about the story and dialog the first time, you have no idea if it's their 30th time though. In beta this is compounded because there's comparatively so little content that people probably have done it over and over. It sucks that the compromise is play solo or with friends that want to see everything the first time, but you'll probably appreciate it if you replay a lot.

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If you want to experience the story play alone or with a friend who wants that too (I do that). Perhaps you can even find a stranger on BNet who wants that, a lot people will in the end.

However you cannot expect to play this multiplayer and force every other player into all the story bits you want to experience. If you have multiplayer where the majority has to wait for a single person, it's badly designed. So no, I don't even see how this could possibly work if you're someone that wants to experience all the story bits while others just want to rush through. Unless you can manipulate time and space, there are going to be issues.

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