Lets talk story! Will Diablo come back?

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So obviously Diablo died in D2... and his stone was destroyed I believe... so i'm sort of wondering if Diablo will even come back. Especially since they are introducing new prime evils. Anyway there's barely been any talk of where the story is going.

So from what i've played from the beta, a sort of comet fell from the sky? Though i've listened to all the sound files there doesn't seem to be much info at all, and most of the Beta was filling lore for King Leoric... which I thought was SUPER weird the only lore we used to get was some on the final boss of the chapter. So where do you think the story will go? Will someone die? will someone from those we have seen betray us? Which Character will be moving through the chapters with us? Leah, and Cain, the smith, the templar... and...

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Post here plz

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Locking duplicate thread.


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