Looking for some GB buddies to farm inferno [Barb Tank]

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I know there's a battletag sharing thread up there, but... you know, inferno isn't for everybody. Maybe we can have a separate thread for duders who are into the grind? No list or anything, just meet and greet with others and add eachother.

Anyway, my battletag is Infinitum#1120 if you want to add me toss a comment in the friend request or something here on the forums. I hang out with the PC duders in IRC and mumble quite a bit if you want to join us there too.

<- Barb Tank, I need me some DPS. I do none.

and anyone else interested: IRC can be found at irc.quakenet.org #GB_Gaming_Hub and Mumble is at ny.eoreality.net:64747

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I would be willing to put my name down, I currently have a Witch Doctor in Inferno, and plan to work more characters up there too.

My battletag is jking47#1667, feel free to add me! Currently have characters at all difficulty levels.

I have not heard about the IRC and mumble, guess I am out of the loop =S Send me the info!

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