LV 60: What items are worth auctioning?

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I just have this mind set of any lv 60 gear that gives above 130 to strength, dexterity or int is worth auctioning. Weapons over 750 dps is also worth auctioning

-Do you agree with the above statement?

-Armor rating above what number is considered great for shields, chest, pants?

-Do people care about % life increase?

-How much resistance on a piece of gear is considered great?

-What are some monk, witch doctor, wizard specific item stats that they look for in an item and what is considered a high value (e.g. monks like spirit usage -> life)?

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Depends. If it's got +str, I look for +vit and +resist all. If it's +int or +dex, IAS or other DPS boosts. Single boosts to stats with nothing else are generally hard to sell, at least for me, unless you price them super low. % life is good if coupled with other things. I consider over +30 resist all to be auctionable, but it also depends on the other stats.

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resist all, high dps weapons.

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I have a 60 Monk and a 60 Barb. I can tell you that if it doesn't have at least Strength Vitality and Resist All I'm not gonna buy it for my Barb. Vitality/Dex gear is a little easier to sell because you don't need resist all, just one type of resist, because of the Monk passive that converts all resists to the Monk's highest resist. To see what high rolls are for each stat/gearpiece combo, I'd just go to the AH and look at gear with similar stats and see how the piece you want to sell stacks up, and then price accordingly.

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Yeah just check the AH prices. You can easily do a search for something like the item you have by using the narrow search options. Thats what i do, and seems to always work for me.

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