Need tips for my Inferno Barbarian.

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Hey duders.

I am now in Inferno and progressing very slowly through act 1 (just finished Wortham event). I can kill about 80% of elite mobs I find even with my extremely crappy gear. Here are my key stats:

  • 52.4k life
  • 4710 dps (1h + shield)
  • 6428 armour (buffed)
  • Between 110 and 250 resists (buffed)
  • 176 life per hit
  • 832 life per second (buffed)

I have a few questions regarding my gear and build.

This is my current build!Xcb!cZZccc Does this look viable for most things in Inferno?. My main two questions would be Cleave or Frenzy? and is it advisable to not have a Rage skill on bar at all?

As for gear, apart from strength, vitality and resists, what other stats should I be prioritizing? Also, is 1h + shield the way to go or does the extra dps from dual wielding/2 handers balance out the reduced survivability?

I'm still working on my gear by grinding act 4/Whimsyshire hell. Not having much luck though :(

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Having no rage skill works as long as you keep Berseker Rage. Most of them don't really add that much dps anyways, at least not vs elites/rare packs. I would argue Cleave also has the same problem. It's better dps than Frenzy if you're hitting the entire group, but as soon as one is out of range or killed it's not much of a difference. Also Frenzy allows you to focus your damage on one target, leading to less incoming damage quicker.

As for shield or not, the only really viable way to go 2h is if you buy an incredibly "over-levelled" weapon (like something from act4) and you're not really gonna be able to progress past act 1 afaik. As for stats, you're pretty much golden with those 3, although +armor or int is viable too (but only if it already has good resist and vit). You seem to be really vitality heavy though, but still have sorta low armor (maybe you just have insane +life?). You're probably just wearing armor with bad base stats but good attributes I guess.

Regarding your build I would recommend picking up Tough as Nails over Inspiring Presence (which is mostly just a convenience skill anyways). Also you should really get Wrath of the Berseker in there, it's just incredible =) And are you using the Enchantress ? Get her some decent int/vit gear so she can survive (should be pretty cheap to gear her decently) and she'll give you some nice buffs and some decent extra dps.

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Thanks for the advice!

Yeh I'm using the Enchantress, good buffs + she is my favourite character =)

Most of my gear is mid 40 stuff stacked with vitality so you're right about that. The problem I have is no money and crap luck so I've not been able to upgrade much.

What rune do you recommend for Wrath of the Beserker? I'm thinking I should use the dodge rune but not sure if dodge is only for melee attacks or will it work against stuff like molten patches on the ground, arcane enchanted mobs beams etc?

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Afaik dodge only helps against direct attacks. I'm fairly sure it won't do anything against the stuff you mention. The rune you want is Insanity. With that it allows you to just burn down at least one of the elites (if you don't have completely sucky dps) really quick, while you also have a good defense and speed buff that allows you to stay in range and you're completely immune to all CC (which the skill doesn't mention). It's pretty much godmode for 15 seconds :P

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Ah right. I had been using WotB the rest of the game with 100% damage and only just dropped it for Inferno but I've made space for it again =)

Was hoping I could make some super survival build with the 60% dodge but oh well.

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That's the build I use, although for farming act 1 I swap out ignore pain for earthquake(WotB + Earthquake obliterates elites so fast) so I can pull 2 elite packs at a time. A good 1h with atleast 400 life per hit is extremely useful for act 2(even act 1, just not really necessary) and above if you can find one even if you have to sacrifice some dps. You should be able to pick up some vit/str/all resist pieces on the AH for cheap, just set a buyout of 100k or so some of my best gear pieces were dirt cheap on the AH.

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If you're looking to go for the tankier sort of build then sword + board is a must. Also keep in mind that in order to clear Act II you're going to want to try and be around 8k Armor and 800 Resists. At least.

Or you can go for all-out DPS and a Weapon Throw build.

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@TehJedicake: Goddammit man, you can't just steal strategies like that! I'm pretty sure that's from the strategy guide.

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@TehJedicake: god, so terrible, but also funny =/

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@Prismatic I'm so glad you made this thread, we have pretty much the exact same stats/build. What's your Battletag? America's?
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@wmaustin55: Prismatic#2309 but I'm in Europe not America =(

I have been tinkering all day after reading the advice and think I've landed on a pretty solid build -!Xcb!cZaccc. I got up to 5 Neph stacks without to much hassle using it ... until I got dc'd and now can't log back in because Blizzard servers STILL don't work after 2 weeks >_>

The Frenzy rune I'm not sure about. 4 of the 5 available seem pretty awesome for Inferno but I'm trying the extra damage for now because that's always nice.

Leap with Iron Impact is really great. I jump in with that, wait 4 seconds, activate Ignore Pain and then when it wears off I Leap again. That combo makes me super tanky for 14 seconds allowing me to put a good chunk of damage down on elites.

I want to change the Ignore Pain rune once I have a better weapon but right now it's helping me a bit with my low dps.

@Ashcrack1087 said:

You should be able to pick up some vit/str/all resist pieces on the AH for cheap, just set a buyout of 100k or so some of my best gear pieces were dirt cheap on the AH.

Thanks for this advice! I managed to get 2 pretty nice bits of armour for 80k each :D I just missed out on an incredible 1h axe though, it got put up just as I was searching and was sold before I could click on it lol

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