New Blizzard Expansion names!

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With Heroes of the Stormand Heart of the Swarm, I feel like Blizzard need to continue this trend with Hellbeasts of the Scourge, a Diablo 3 expansion that features a dungeon themed entirely around hell. Like, proper hell, not their namby pamby hell.

WoW could go with something like Horde on the Surge, an expansion where the Horde find new power and attempt to take Azeroth by force. It's a PVP-centred expansion mostly that will change the areas that belong to each faction on PvP shards. The Alliance have their own story that involves them developing their power in response.

Anyone else got any HOTS new ideas for Blizzard game expansions?

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Blackthorne: Hatred of the Shotgun

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The Lost Viking: Hammer of the Stars

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The Scourge are a World of Warcraft thing aren't they? It's make more sense for that to be a WoW expansion, except the Scourge were the Lich King's army and well, he's already had his time in the spotlight.

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World of Warcraft: Hatred of the Shatterskull

Starcraft: Hull of the Starship

Diablo: Hunters of the Shadowborn

Blackthorne: Herald of the Sarlac

The Lost Vikings: Heroes of the Snow

...uh, I got nothing.

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Diablo: Hack or Slash?

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Rock n' Roll Racing: Nightmare Abyss.

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