New comp now, Going to be obsolete by the time D3 is installed...

#1 Posted by nukesniper (1265 posts) -

I'm building a new computer right now. My main goal is to have it done for Borderlands, and then use it to run Starcraft 2 better than my current trash laptop is doing. 
My main issue is, after hearing news about Diablo 3 being so far off (Brad said they are sure it will be after 2010) My new, yet unpurchased and unassembled etc. desktop computer is going to be obsolete by the time Diablo 3 is installed on it. Blizzard needs to release these games or just never announce that they are making them. I'm sure I wouldn't care at all right now if I was just assuming that D3 was on the way, but now i have live action footage of the game being played and this drives me insane... 
I guess I'll just leave room for upgrades... 

#2 Posted by Akeldama (4332 posts) -

obsolete is being a bit dramatic.

#3 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

It may be obsolete, but odds are Diablo 3 will still run just fine on it.
Really, there's probably not going to be a big jump in required specs for PC games until the next generation of consoles is out, or even out for a year or so.  Current predictions put that at 2012+ most often, so your PC will probably be fine.

#4 Posted by PolyesterPimp (269 posts) -

Blizz games are usually forgiving on the requirements, I wouldnt worry too much about it friend.

#5 Posted by belaraphon (444 posts) -

if it runs borderlands than it will most certainly run d3.

#6 Posted by Bolt (173 posts) -

Build it smartly, and it can last 4-5 years playing new games that come out. Now not your crysis type games mind you, but normal ones yes.
#7 Posted by Jimbo (10178 posts) -

Electricity will be obsolete by the time Diablo 3 comes out.

#8 Posted by DFSVegas (366 posts) -

If your computer can run borderlands, it'll be able to run Diablo 3. This is the reason they went with the cartoony art style. They want it to run on as many systems as possible.
At absolute worst, it'll scale down to your machine. With that said, I bought a machine almost two years ago, and I'm still running everything that's coming out a full capacity, and I feel just fine that I'll have Diablo 3 at full capacity. This is Blizzard, it'll look good, but it wont be that intensive on your system. At least, I hope not. The game looks great, but it doesn't look technically impressive.


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