New to Inferno and I'm a little lost.

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Just started Inferno this past weekend and made it to Act 3, but then I started getting my ass kicked. I only started using the auction yesterday. I upgraded some of my armor by buying some gear with Magic Find, All Resist and Intelligence, but I feel like those were mistakes. Do I really need Magic Find? I feel good when I have it, but is my money better spent on gear that would increase my Crit Chance & Damage? I know Vitality is always a good stat to have on gear. Should it be a necessity? I don't have a whole lot of gold, so shopping for gear with + Intelligence, Magic Find (?), + Crit Chance, + Crit Damage and + Vit is practically not an option since single pieces of gear with all of those stats cost millions. What should I be focusing on? I'm rolling a Wizard with a Kiting build (Blizzard, Hydra (arcane), Diamond Skin, Energy Armor). Thanks for the guidance!

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You'll get more specific answers if you link your profile. For example,

In general, for your build you want a slow 2-handed weapon with a socket + crit damage (e.g., a Skorn). You can also get some cheap legendaries such as Tal Rasha's helmet and Strongarm bracers.

Do not worry about magic find if you're having trouble surviving in Inferno. You can buy a bunch of crappy MF gear for your followers and you'll gradually gain more MF as you gain paragon levels.

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First off, the wizard is probably the worst class in the game. Now, seeing how you already rolled one and probably don't want to reroll anytime soon, let me give you a rundown on what you should be doing. First off, get yourself a cool "Critical Mass" Wizard build which you should be able to find in 10 seconds of Googling, with Youtube videos explaining precisely what to do. The build, assuming you have enough crit chance, allows you spam frost nova repeatedly by proccing critical mass as much as possible, keeping all enemies permanently frozen in place while you or your teammates if you play multiplayer kill everything. For gear, you need to stack the shit out of your primary stat (Int), get a good chunk of vitatily, around 500-700 all resist, and a healthy amount of crit so you proc critical mass as often as possible.

Here's my Witch Doctor ( and should be a decent example of what types of stats you should be looking for, as Wizards and WDs are both Int based classes.

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whoa! wait a minute, you made it to act 3 inferno before getting your ass kicked? and just now had to start using the AH? i was getting stomped by elite groups immediately by act 2 and couldn't finish act 1 without a trip to the AH. I still have my level 60 monk that i have been back to in months because i kept hitting a wall with those elite mobs.

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@oldmanlight: They have nerf'd Inferno tremendously. I had the same issue with my DH, but can sole Inferno on Monter Power 5 and below.

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