Out Jan 30th 2009

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#1 Posted by Vivek (646 posts) -

gameplay.co.uk has D3 out for the 30th of Jan 2009. That not to far to go, seriously cant wait.

#2 Posted by Stevokenevo (580 posts) -

...but i wont even have had chance to finish all the great games im playing now!  erm,...not that im complaining but this game will steal my life (provided there is no monthly fee)

#3 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -
Vivek said:
Sorry dude
Not Blizzard
#4 Posted by Snail (8769 posts) -

Might get it because it IS Diablo III, which should be pretty epic.

#5 Posted by atejas (3151 posts) -

...and I just started another BlizzardEss in D2, should keep me busy until release.

#6 Edited by MB (13908 posts) -

This topic is quite misleading - I don't think the release date for Diablo III has been announced by Blizzard yet.  If this is official, someone PM me and I'll unlock it.


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