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Now that most of us have completed the campaign on Normal mode, I find that a lot of us are hungering for more like normal gamers do. Nightmare mode and beyond are all great, but what do you think will be Blizzards next step in additional content for Diablo III? I believe we are all on the same page when I say that Blizzard will release one, if not more, expansion packs for this game.

So, the question I put forth is what do you think will be part of this new content? New Classes? Companions? What type of bosses do you want, or think you will see in what is inevitably a release within the next year according to how Blizzard is trying to push content now.


My predictions and "wants," are as follows:

- Much like how the Lich King must be replaced the in the World of Warcraft universe, I think we will see the same idea resurface itself in Diablo III. 3 times now we have believed Diablo to be dead, and two of those he managed to come back and nearly destroy all we hold dear. I think in the expansion, or subsequent sequel, that Diablo will come back or at least motivate minions from whatever limbo state he happens to be in.

- I would love to see new classes. I think Blizzard did a fantastic job of giving us a variety of classes from the start, so I can't really think of many classes I would like to see in the expansion. I never cared for the Druid in Diablo 2, I mainly stuck with the Sorceress and Paladin. I think it would be very neat to see a Nephalem class, where you play as a gifted individual that has exponentially lessened powers (for balance sake) of characters like Kulle.

- I would love to see a new companion in the expansion. It was one of my favorite parts of D2 and now one of my favorites in D3. I love the feeling of having someone around me at all times; It really kills the lonely aspect of the game I feel detracts from my enjoyment. I ask for another female companion, as we already have two males and I think a nice 1:1 ratio would do nicely.

- New "Secret" levels like Whimsyshire. As much as well all know Whimsyshire is a mockery of the countless individuals who scoffed at Diablo III's art style, I think it was a brilliant edition. I currently am 30k away from crafting the staff on normal, and I have had a blast farming for the materials. I think more instances where you need to collect various rare materials to create special items would make the longevity and overall value of your character sky-rocket. I can only imagine how fun Whimsyshire is on Inferno, and I want to see more unique "secret" dungeons like it.


Alright, that's all my input for now. I look forward to seeing what my fellow duders would like to see, or think they will see, in the next addition to the Diablo Universe!

PS: Feel free to add ck1nd#1920 on your friends-list if you would like to join me in Whimsyshire when I get it finished or would like someone to play with!

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