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So I've just started posting items on the RMAH and was hoping my fellow duders could give me some tips on what types of items to try to sell. If some of you guys have sold some items, and could tell me what types (levels, rarity, etc.) of items are good for selling, and some general pricing, it'd be great. Now I'm realistic, I don't expect to make hundreds of dollars in the auction house, but if I made like $10-15 over the sale of various items I'd be very satisfied. So what kind of wisdom can my seasoned RMAH duders bestow upon me?

Just for reference, I'm currently in Act 2 of Hell (I realize not many/if any of my items will sell) and want this as a reference for when I start on Inferno. Thanks!

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Well there are some lvl ~20-25 rings with CC, CD, and IAS that can go for some decent money but other than that you are going to need mostly level 60 gear. Amulets and rings are sometimes an exception and can be good from around ~54 on. Also non-lvl 60 pants w/ 2 sockets and chests w/ 3 sockets can be worth selling.

As for stats to look for ...things with a high primary stat and high vitality and/or high AR will sell for a lot, especially in the slots that don't carry CC/CD. If you do get something with CC and/or CD on top of primary/vit/AR you're looking at a lot of money. Obviously if your primary is exceptionally high you can take a lack of AR and/or vit and still have a good item.

As for weapons, sockets are really a big deal now as well as crit damage. DPS is a lot but not everything. Anything less than 800 (1h) and 1000 (2h) is probably worthless regardless of stats, a little less than that for bows. Life on hit is also very good and so are primary/vit combos.

For MF you want to look for these numbers (assuming no good stats other than MF) Amulets 32%+, Rings 13%+, helms 15% + socket, everything else 18%+ Obviously better your stats are, though, the less MF you can have and still have a good item. If you do get an item like this you might want to consider holding onto it as it's value is probably going to skyrocket when they nerf MF swapping, people are going to be looking for MF+good stats rather than just cheap high MF%. Anything the GF on top of MF will usually be good unless they are very low %.

I could go on, but really the best thing to do is to hold on to your item if you think it is good and check it's stats. After doing this a bunch of times you will get a feel for what is good and what is not.

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@SJSchmidt93: Yeah, I've been trying to sell mainly gear that is around the 50+ level, but haven't had any luck. I have included chest armor with 413 armor, +134 dex, and 3 sockets (lvl 53, i think) but no sale at like $2.50 buyout. I figured that I'd wait for more level 60+ gear to try and sell something, but thus far I'm only trying to get a feel for it. I will take your tips into consideration when choosing what to keep hold of, and what to sell. I have tried selling gear that has lower level requirements as well, since there are people who won't yet meet the level 50+ requirements out there (and are buying), but all to no avail. I will keep a close track of those rings and amulets. Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it.

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