So... Error 37

#1 Posted by JaredA (841 posts) -

Anyone else waiting for the servers to stop being so broken?

#2 Posted by JJOR64 (19494 posts) -

You have to beat the Error 37 boss before you can play the game.

#3 Posted by NickL (2260 posts) -

@JJOR64: Your avatar is very fitting right now.

#4 Posted by HODGEY3000 (343 posts) -

still waiting

#5 Posted by Arceion (250 posts) -

i got in right when the sever went up only got 1 error so far

#6 Posted by PhantomGardener (478 posts) -

Haha holy shit, have you guys seen the user reviews for this game on metacritic? It's a shitstorm like none other, its worse than ME3.

#7 Edited by Seppli (11233 posts) -

Thanks to the Guild Wars 2 beta, I was able to 'live past' last night's massive login troubles. I woke up to error 12 though. By downloading the English language package, my client set itself to 'The Americas', which isn't technically possible yet. Luckily I found the solution to the problem within minutes.

Have been playing just fine all morning now. Just got past the Skeleton King. Time for a little breather and getting some IRL work done. Looking forward to venturing farther into Diablo III later today. It's good shit, once you get past the login screen!

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@PhantomGardener said:

Haha holy shit, have you guys seen the user reviews for this game on metacritic? It's a shitstorm like none other, its worse than ME3.

Seems like a lot of the people who actually got to have a clean play experience have glowing things to say about the game. A lot of the reviews just say "ERROR 37" or some variation of. I'm not defending a decision to include DRM here, merely reinforcing the ideal that it's a Blizzard game and it's Diablo ontop of that, how much can you really do to utterly destroy the core foundation of what the game should be? And if that is the case and the final product is utter and complete trash then at the very least Torchlight II; coming soon!

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"Mo' like YOU'RE 37!" said the defender.

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Error 37 was about the extent of my experience with the beta, so I'm not surprised.

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Hell, I called the login/lag issues yesterday afternoon. No online game of this high a profile is going to launch w/o hiccups- not even Blizzard's.

One user at Metacritic said: "I've waited years beyond the four you've been teasing for this title to release. You, Blizzard and Activision have had a decade to make it, you've had years of beta, you had open beta, you've had experience with large game launches, and you knew the pre-order numbers; and yet you ignored all this data. You've opted to not secure enough server capacity to serve those that have paid you for your product and have denied them access to it. You enticed everyone with pre-order installs to boost sales on the promise of being able to play immediately, and now we are left with no recourse with an nontransferable digital copy.. I thought better of you. You have proven me wrong"

This is the reason I will not be buying this, or any other Blizzard game ever again.

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did not have any problems with the European servers granted i tried like 6 hours after the launch. but the north american servers were a mess at that time still

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Don't look at the MetaCritic user reviews. Someone spoiled Max Payne 3 in it. Like, why?

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