So, which class will you be playing first?

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#51 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

Beat the beat with all of them and i have to say monk is fun to play but i think ill play a mage because i think there cooler.

#52 Posted by YI_Orange (1210 posts) -


#53 Posted by MentalDisruption (1727 posts) -

witch doctor

#54 Posted by evilrazer (533 posts) -

Wizard is incredibly powerful in Beta, but I will probably stick with Barbarian for my first run.

#55 Posted by Doctorchimp (4160 posts) -

Man I remember last year it was looking like people weren't going to pick the Monk, so I was excited since I liked him when they debuted him and talked about fighting game influences.

Now I'm not too sure if almost everybody's going to pick him...

I might go Wizard or Demon Hunter. I remember when it looked like everybody was going to play Demon Hunter.

#56 Posted by fishmicmuffin (1054 posts) -

Before playing anything I was going to say the Wizard, but after playing through the beta as every class the Demon Hunter became the standout. Rapid Fire with a 2 handed crossbow did crazy damage. 

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