Sometimes words fail me...

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Wowwy... Zowwy... I could only get about 2 paragraphs in before I was overwhelmed with super-concentrated WTFness.

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Pretty sure they're just trolling for hits. I don't even like Diablo, and even I can tell that idea is fucking retarded.

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umm okay. and earlier today i saw an article along the lines of 'what nintendo should learn from catherine'

did someone hands out a bunch of metagame cards and make people write an article about whatever came out

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I just... I can't even.

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What a stupid article and man.

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wow that article was dump, diablo fps, i love the way some gaming websites dont feel the need to provide useful or interesting content. i guess not every site is like giantbomb.

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@Ghostin: Well they can relax, they're getting Syndicate as an FPS.

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I have no faith in gaming sites anymore besides Giantbomb. After reading that article where's a gun cuz here's my head.

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Yeah I wont even comment on that....

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Would my monk get a red dot sight for his fists?

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@VoshiNova said:

@ProfessorEss said:

Hellgate London anyone?


Come on guys, at least they tried. 
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@Ghostin said: An article arguing that Diablo 3 should be an FPS.

FP not FPS as in Shooter. Melee combat could have been first person or 3rd person action. When this question came up Joe Blizzard thought 1st/3d person, but then it will look like WoW, nobody wants THAT.

Seriously the only exciting thing about the beta is the barbarian female.

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I actually read the whole article, which is not too bad BTW. Yes the first few paragraphs are super mega inflammatory, but the kid eventually comes to the conclusion that it wouldn't be Diablo if it wasn't isometric 3rd person.

There is a nice summary in the comments of the article in between several " ZOMG GTFO U FUKKING NUBZORZ LOLO!L!LLOL!!111!!" type comments.

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I am filled with so much hate right now.

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Why would anyone visit that dead gaming website?

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So... Borderlands then? I don't see the big fuzz.

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First its too colorful, now it needs to be an fps. I think everyone just wants Doom 3.

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I understand he isn't saying that Diablo 3 should be a shooter (though his argument seems to come from 'I Like FPS, all games should be FPS') but the dungeon crawler genre doesn't need to be first person. Taking it from his perspective, I understand where he is coming from and I wouldn't be that upset if he were Random Dude that likes Call of Duty and just happened to like the FPS genre. He is supposed to be a game journalist though, and this just speaks for a total lack of understanding of the genre.

@drag: I'd argue for the 'nintendo could learn from catherine' argument before the 'diablo should be a first person RPG' argument.

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Where's that dude who said Diablo would be better suited for a gamepad?

I think they can squeeze out a blog series.

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Yes..YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Where is that Bison meme! Ah needs it!

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@Nicholas said:

Jeff Green is The Man

Also, Bennet Ring is the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. Astonishing.

Wow. I'm not sure there was a reason to be that harsh, but that was definitely interesting to read.

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Man, what if Starcraft was an FPS?

I'd be so much more immersed, man.

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How has this guy not been nominated for a Pulitzer yet?

Truly remarkable journalism, you know the type who isn't afraid to ask these daring questions that everyone thinks but don't dare to say.

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I wish I could get paid to say stupid shit.

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Lol gamespy.

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Wow, the whole article was redundant. Propose a first person view in the first half, then dismiss it in the second half.

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I agree.

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medieval weapons aren't fun to use in first-person view 
now if you are talking about a Diablo game with DMC combat..

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Before I clicked the article link my only thought was that this is some kind of parody and social commentary on how everyone is mutilating old franchices into first person these days. Because no one can be that retarded can they?

Then I had a look at the article, and realised the dude was just trolling for hits.

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Games. This guy needs some learning on them.

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So, how many of you actually read the article?

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God damned it, I clicked the link before thinking! Should have known it was just trolling for hits. It's people like me who's ruining gaming "journalism", I'm so dissappointed with myself.

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I read it, all of it.  I just couldn't believe how little he thinks of his readers.
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Yeah, and maybe Warcraft should be a cel-shaded, card-based, tower-defense game.

I can keep doing this all day: Modern Warfare should be a kart racer.

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Do a search for "@bennettring" on twitter. The author is getting his ass handed to him.

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@Ravenlight said:

Yeah, and maybe Warcraft should be a cel-shaded, card-based, tower-defense game.

I can keep doing this all day: Modern Warfare should be a kart racer.

Mario should be a....wait, he's already got everything covered.

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@Shirogane said:

@Ravenlight said:

Yeah, and maybe Warcraft should be a cel-shaded, card-based, tower-defense game.

I can keep doing this all day: Modern Warfare should be a kart racer.

Mario should be a....wait, he's already got everything covered.

I see what you did there ;)

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