Staff of Herding

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I've been trying to gather all the pieces, as of this writing I'm attempting to get the Gibbering Gemstone, and after that I'm going after Liquid Rainbow which should be it as I'll have everything else. I only come here because I've been at this for a little over 5 hours and it's beginning to feel hopeless. The way I'm doing this is I've taken my level 47 barbarian and just went back to normal difficulty so that each run takes me very little time to complete, but I've had this thought of maybe my chances become null or at the very least extremely low at obtaining this already rare item because I'm so high level in a particular low level area. Was just curious if anyone were successful at finding each rare item in the same fashion as I am?

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I did it at 60 on normal. You're fine.

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@BlindRapture: That certainly brings hope back to my venture. If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take you?

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I've heard about people farming for about 10 hours to get all the parts. I just play the game and try to do every cave and dungeon and explore everything every time I play so I just eventually find them all.

So far I've found them all apart from the liquid rainbow by just playing. I've already seen youtube videos of the new secret cow level so I'm not that interested in playing it myself right now, I'll just play it when I stumble upon all the parts.

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I found most of them without trying, but those two you mentioned were the trickiest. Just... keep at it.

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@Spiritgod: Around two episodes of Mad Men. So, two hours. Funny enough my friend and I started farming at the exact same time and ended up completing it about 10 minutes apart.

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Okay, then I'll keep at it. It's funny, I obtained the plans to make the staff and when I saw it, of course not knowing what it was used for, I said, "What the hell is this?! Wow, a white staff that I'll never make...thanks Diablo 3!" Now I'm eating my words by looking for the last two pieces.

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I have two liquid rainbows :(

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I ended up with the first 2 parts before I even hit lvl 15. Hoping my luck does not run out.

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@Toxeia: Which is now the last piece I need...well besides that very expensive token.

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I ended up getting everything while listening to the bombcast. I would strongly advise you just keep remaking the area after checking for the closest rainbow or gemstone dungeon 'spawn.' Bit tedious but it's the quickest way.

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Took me about 2 hours. The gem took the longest as it has the most variables.

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Is the liquid rainbow really that hard to find? I found it on my first time through normal on release day. Guess I lucked out.

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Good luck on the liquid rainbow.

@ShadowConqueror: You have to go to the Daghur Oasis, pray that there's a merchant there (random spawn). You protect him from gh-gh-ghosts! and then he opens a mine for you. Inside the mine there MIGHT be a chest that has the liquid rainbow. So have to hope for 2 consecutive wins on rolls so to speak.

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@ShadowConqueror: I don't think it'll be as difficult as the Gemstone, but I'm still at it, and haven't a clue when I'll be finished so the future holds the answer, but I can say that the Gemstone needs a lot of other puzzle pieces to be in place in order for you to obtain it, which for me holds it higher in terms of difficulty.

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@Toxeia: Thanks for the heads up! Didn't know all that.

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Funny enough, I have the Shinbone and Black Mushrooms, but I don't have the other parts. Then again, I haven't been trying for them either. I've been too busy working on Inferno difficulty content.

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I found the liquid rainbow and black mushrooms on my first playthrough on normal. Not really interested yet in farming for the rest of the pieces.

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I just decided to look for a Liquid Rainbow and I found one rather quickly actually (only took ten minutes). Looks like I've only got the gemstone to look for. As for the rest I just found them by chance. Anyway, what I wanted to ask was; how exactly does the staff work? Is it consumed or do you have to craft one for each difficulty mode?

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@eroticfishcake said:

I just decided to look for a Liquid Rainbow and I found one rather quickly actually (only took ten minutes). Looks like I've only got the gemstone to look for. As for the rest I just found them by chance. Anyway, what I wanted to ask was; how exactly does the staff work? Is it consumed or do you have to craft one for each difficulty mode?

I actually would like to know this as well. I just finished the staff, and I'm a bit reluctant on proceeding. Though I can say that I've heard that you need to search out a merchant, sorry don't know which one, that will upgrade the staff for each difficulty...I don't know the exact amount of gold needed, or if you can continuously move between difficulties with each upgraded staff.

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@Spiritgod: Wiki explains all! I just found the gemstone so it looks like I'm good to go for the time being. Wonder if it upgrades up to Inferno...

Been looking around the interwebz. Looks like the staff is not consumed upon use. This user from GameFAQ explains it more clearly;

When you gather the five items to make it, you can access the Normal version of Whimsyshire only. You then need to buy a recipe at the end of Act 4 in each of the other difficulties to make the next step of the Staff to unlock the next step of Whimsyshire. So you would need to buy the recipe to make the Nightmarish Staff of Herding to access Whimsyshire in Nightmare mode. Same for Hell and Inferno.

It costs 200K to make the Nightmare staff, 500K to make the Hell staff, and 1M to make the Infernal staff. So 1.7M to do the whole thing.

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@eroticfishcake: Thanks! I've been busy murdering unicorns and teddybears to do any form of research on my own. Thanks again!

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I just decided to farm it as well starting with nothing. Took me around 3 hours. Got the liquid rainbow on the first try. The gemstone was by far the worst and took at least an hour and a half.

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Got liquid rainbow and the plan for the staff on my first play through of normal mode, had to hunt for the rest. Black Mushroom only took a few tries, Leoric's Shin took 5-6 but the runs are very fast. I started running at level 60 so the money for Wirts bell and the upgrade to hell staff was pretty easy money. However, fuck that Gibber Gemstone. Took me 6 hours of running it constantly to get it, sucked ass. That kind of thing is the reason I wish there was still some sort of option for server names, being able to join specific runs would have been a lot of help.

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I was level 50, it didn't take me that long to find any of the pieces. A few fights with Izual on normal and quite a few trips to the Oasis path, but it was no more than 30 minutes or so for me.

Everything else I found just by playing normally.

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Here's a tip for anyone that's still trying to gather the parts to make it go quicker.

Have a friend do runs in a separate game at the same time. If either of you find what you need then join that game BEFORE you open the chest/kill the mob and both of you will be able to loot the required item. The only thing it doesn't work for is the plans in act 4 but thankfully they are a common drop. This is how I did it and it took about 1 hour 30 to get all the parts.

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All I can say is that with my 10 hours or so run of gathering all the supplies, that after farming Whimsyshire a few times, that it was entirely worth the effort. Every run through has my inventory busting at the seams with blues and yellows...and one orange. This is now my one stop shop for magical items and gold, since I can easily gather 12,000g per run. I can't wait to upgrade the staff though, most of the loot I'm getting is basically going on the auction house while a few is being handed down to my other alts, and then the rest is being salvaged for crafting. I do wish getting to Whimsyshire were a bit maybe a dedicated location within the town or something.

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Rainbow isn't as hard to find for me as the item in act3. At least with the rainbow you can get the sewer exit checkpoint & quickly look for the shack with the npc in the lower edge. The idiotic item gem in act3 is off (from what I read) a burrowing boss that might be missed unless you find the caverns & then go walking through every little corner of the place. Act3 & 4 are the only pieces missing now, the first few weren't too bad to just take a character I'm working on finishing the first run through with & wanting to put a bit more xp on them to make the rest a little easier. Real trick on a lot of the items is just finding the right restarting point & then pick someone you can just maul through crowds with to go looking.

Good guide I found on it here.

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Already got Hellish Staff of Herding, which doesn't help me because I haven't managed to log in for two days now...

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I have the inferno staff and even though I can farm act 3 reasonably on my monk, I get absolutely annihilated in whimsyshire. :]

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It actually only took me around 3 hours to get everything. The one that took the longest was the liquid rainbow. I could NOT get the mob to spawn for anything. Took about an hour. I lucked out in the grand scheme of things

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Lucked into the liquid rainbow on one of my story playthroughs and then decided to get on the Chiltara grind once I hit the Act 2 Inferno wall. I did it on Hell with a 60 Barb and it took about 4 hours.

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The liquid rainbow was definitely the most elusive item for me. Took me maybe a an hour to get it to spawn? Also the Gibbering Gem or something? The one that drops of Chitpara or whatever its name was. That was a bitch to find.

I can't even afford Wirt's Bell though :(

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I had everything except the shinbone when i hit 60(not including wirts bell) the shinbone was easy to farm, took me two gos. the money cost was the biggest issue for me since i had upgrade my blacksmith/jewel crafter and stash by that point.

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I got the Liquid Rainbow in 4 runs.

The Gibbering thing took considerably longer, probably 25-30 runs. I was about to give up, in that for the last 10 times I did it, everytime I would say, "If it's not there, I'm giving up on this shit for now."

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Some took longer than others but I did finish mine! I actually made the Hellish 2 days ago! I don't have the inferno recipee yet but something tells me its going to be expensive seeing as hellish was 500k

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