Summoning Your Sigil Banner in Game

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Hi all,

I was just wondering if there was a purpose to doing this? I know that you can warp to friends by clicking their sigil in town, but is their a purpose to dropping it out in the field? or does it just amount to an emote?

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I was under the impress that is where they would warp too if they used the one in town. So you could drop it and then wander off and they would wart to that location. But I am probably wrong.

Looking around on the Diablo forums it appears it is just to show off your sigil, it servers no purpose dropping it.

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Right, the point's just to show off your banner and achievements.. they can click it to get a quick list of achievements you've received. The banner in town always warps directly to you.

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My sigil is awesome, it deserves to be shown off. Here's my dude:

(In case you're wondering, the sword is enchanted with +20 Fire damage and +50 Flavor Enhancement.)
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Is anybody not using the rooster banner? Like, why even put the other ones in the game? At least make it unlockable so you don't start the show with the showstopper.

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@onan: Best hot sauce.

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@onan: Best hot sauce.

I call it "the kickin' chicken".

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