The Big UnOfficial GiantBomb Cheap Crafting Tread

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So basicly this is a thread where you can post Cheap Crafting offers to people here at GB so they can get better gear quick, faster and cheaper..... so let me start off with one (remember to post EU/US)

I will be updating the frontpage when people post their cheap offers like below.....

EDIT: yes i see i mispelled "Thread in title"



(EU) 2 Handed Crossbow Crafting 6 Props!

45 Essences 5 Tears, 13 Tomes 140k!

If i use my mats it will be 250k

got no livestream due to !@#$ty net, however i can think of mulitple ideas to show that you get the crafted item

BattleTag: Bajden#2710

when adding please say Want Crafted: Doomcaster 6 props


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