The Diablo III Guest Pass Exchange Thread

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So it seems there are a fair number of people on Giant Bomb looking for Diablo III guest passes and starter edition keys, and a fair number of people looking to give away Diablo III guest passes and starter edition keys. To make sure the Diablo III board doesn’t continue to get hit with multiple threads asking for or handing out these codes, I’ve set up this little thread. If you have a code to give away, post here. If you need a code, post here. It’s that simple! Happy exchanging.

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Edit: Got a code, don't need to be sent anymore!

I'll come back here when I get the game myself

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Ohh, I would love one.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Fulfilled by TheKing! Thanks bro!

#4 Posted by Butler (414 posts) -

I'll take one off anyone's hands that feels generous.

#5 Posted by TheKing (856 posts) -

@Butler said:

I'll take one off anyone's hands that feels generous.

@Eus777 said:

Ohh, I would love one.

Thanks in advance!

@NickL said:

Hmmm, couldn't hurt to try I guess. I can't get the game until the weekend so if anyone wants to send one my way that would be totally cool.

(And I'd pay it forward when I get the game myself.)

Check your inboxes.

#6 Posted by Eus777 (3 posts) -

@TheKing: I love you!

Thank you so much!

#7 Posted by The_Patriarch (295 posts) -

If anyone happens to have a code they could spare, I'd be most grateful. On the fence about buying the game, and simply can't afford a leap of faith at the moment.

#8 Posted by NickL (2264 posts) -

@Eus777 said:

@TheKing: I love you!

Thank you so much!

If you are in remember to change your original post so that people send codes to the right people, otherwise you'll get more if people don't read down a bit.

#9 Posted by DBrim (132 posts) -

Would love a code if somebody could spare one.

#10 Posted by inimitableAC (8 posts) -

Would anyone mind giving me a code. I will no doubt share mine when I get my copy of the game in a week.

#11 Posted by TromboneTony (176 posts) -

If someone could PM me a code I would greatly appreciate it. I've been trying all day to get one :(

#12 Edited by Murtaug (328 posts) -

If any one has a pass, I would be grateful. I have a friend looking into buying the game but is unsure if his computer will run the game well enough to justify the sixty bucks, I bought the game digitally so I have no pass to give him.

Thanks duders.

EDIT: Thanks tofor a guest code!

#13 Posted by Phatmac (5926 posts) -

I'd like one please! :D

#14 Posted by bonzay (2 posts) -

Hello, i need one to taste the game on my pc before buy.

thx alot!

#15 Posted by Progman9000 (285 posts) -

Yes please!

#16 Posted by bharris9 (2 posts) -

I would love a key if someone has one that they wouldn't mind parting with. Want to see how well things run on my laptop before I resume my Diablo obsession.

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I'd really like a code if anyone has an extra one.. Not for me, but for my dad. We played the Diablo games together since my childhood, but he was laid off recently and doesn't have the money to buy it, and unfortunately I can't afford to buy it for him right now. It'd definitely cheer him up if I could get him a guest pass! /heartstrings

Edit: I bought the game digitally so I did not get a guess pass

#18 Posted by FoxMulder (1778 posts) -

I would like to try it as well! If not I guess I'll just buy 2 until 3 is cheap!

#19 Posted by Lumley (1009 posts) -

I'd love a code if that's at all possible, I need to see if the game will run on my laptop before I buy it.

#20 Posted by sagaegame (10 posts) -

I'd really appreciate it if anyone is willing to share a guest pass,thanks inadvance!

You may PM me or send me to my email as

#21 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -

I'd like one if anyone has a code to spare. Think of all the PC gamenights I've organized for you! And the free blowjobs.

#22 Posted by Duff_McWhalen (24 posts) -

If anyone has an extra guest pass I would highly appreciate it if you would PM it to me.

#23 Posted by SiN13 (268 posts) -

Anyone around still need a code? I've got 3 to hand out.

#24 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -
@SiN13: I wouldnt mind getting one please duder ^^
#25 Posted by innacces14 (746 posts) -

Never bought a Blizzard game. WoW trial was boring and the StarCraft II demo didn't really make me crazy (looked awesome though). Will Diablo III be my first Blizzard game? Who knows? Guest pass, please? =]

#26 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3053 posts) -

I must admit I've been very anti this game until now, but enough of my friends have it and love it that I'm tempted to give it a go.

Would appreciate a pass if anyone has one so I can decide once and for all

#27 Posted by Nephrahim (1194 posts) -

I'd like a code if anyone's giving them out, I wanna check out the game, not commited to spending 60 on it yet.

#28 Edited by bakoomerang (108 posts) -

I wouldn't mind giving it a shot if anyone still has a code available? :)

@SiN13: Hey dude, did you give all three codes away already?

#29 Edited by face15 (1374 posts) -

I'd be incredibly thankful if anyone gave me a code.

EDIT: Thanks dastly75! I got a guest pass.

#30 Posted by tyxja (301 posts) -

I would absolutely love a code if anybody has one to spare!

#31 Posted by jdlivara (6 posts) -

spare me one pls

#32 Edited by TheMasterDS (2653 posts) -

I'd like one. 
Edit: Aha! Nabbed one. Elsewhere. Don't need one anymore!

#33 Posted by Tonic7 (267 posts) -

Sure, I'd love one too! I'm always wary about buying new PC games, as I'm never sure if they'll run on my now-dated PC. But Diablo III does look pretty great...

#34 Posted by RainbowKraken (25 posts) -

I would like one, if anyone has any left.

Cool thread, nice to see Giantbomb users helping each other out!

#35 Posted by CaptainCody (1547 posts) -

I'd love to get a code before I upgrade my computer to see if I can buy the game before or after I do so. My computer should be able to run the game but I am curious as to how well. That way I can determine when I'm buying my GPU.

#36 Posted by SiN13 (268 posts) -

@bakoomerang said:

I wouldn't mind giving it a shot if anyone still has a code available? :)

@SiN13: Hey dude, did you give all three codes away already?

My codes are all gone, sorry.

#37 Posted by bakoomerang (108 posts) -

@SiN13: No worries :)

#38 Posted by nesagwa (68 posts) -

I can't afford to buy it, so next best thing is I bum a starter edition guest pass off someone here.

#39 Posted by drewm135 (259 posts) -

If anybody is feeling generous I would love to try Diablo 3 out. Thanks in advance for anybody willing to send me a guest pass.

#40 Posted by kingofpeanuts (567 posts) -

I have 3, am saving 1 for a friend. I will only be awake for 10 mins. The first two to respond will get it. I can't pick out people.

#41 Posted by nesagwa (68 posts) -

@kingofpeanuts: Hello friend.

#42 Posted by kingofpeanuts (567 posts) -

@nesagwa: Thats one

#43 Posted by plont (2 posts) -

I would like one, if anyone has any left.

#44 Posted by kingofpeanuts (567 posts) -

all out. good night

#45 Posted by KingInTheNorth (3 posts) -

Hello if anyone has a spare one I would greatly appreciate it

#46 Posted by Indiana_Jenkins (412 posts) -

If anyone has a spare guest pass, I would appreciate it.


#47 Posted by jdlivara (6 posts) -

can someone give me a key , just pm me, tnx a lot :D

#48 Posted by beeryayghost (356 posts) -

It'd be really cool if I could get one. I'd appreciate it!

#49 Posted by wwfundertaker (1480 posts) -

Could i get a guest pass. Cheers

#50 Posted by watersini (27 posts) -

I would really appreciate one. I have an older computer and would like to see how it runs.

Thanks in advance.

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