The Diablo III Guest Pass Exchange Thread

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#401 Posted by nomadnp (4 posts) -

I would like to see what all the buzz is about, never played Diablo at all so I am interested in finding out exactly what I am missing. If there are still some codes floating around out there I would be appreciative.

#402 Posted by cassidy (6 posts) -

In exchange for a code I am willing to part with an infinite amount of praise and thanks. I will also name my first character after the duder who sends a guest pass.

#403 Posted by mandude (2670 posts) -

@cassidy said:

In exchange for a code I am willing to part with an infinite amount of praise and thanks. I will also name my first character after the duder who sends a guest pass.

Aren't starter accounts free now? I'll PM you a spare code anyway.

#404 Posted by sinkingtheship (2 posts) -


If there is anyone out there still giving away codes or passes I would really appreciate. I would much rather try out a pc game before i make the buy.

Thanks a ton.

#405 Posted by Doitup (2 posts) -

Hey guys!

It would be rad if you could his me up with a code. My friends have been saying how great this game is but they ran out of guest passes and i wanted to try it first.


#406 Edited by sam1am7000 (116 posts) -

have a core i7 with 8 GB ram running win7 but no dedicated graphics card. will my laptop run D3? Also my internet is quite crappy.

Please send across a guest pass if anyone has one to spare.


#407 Posted by DanielComfort (180 posts) -

If this thing is still going, I would give the messiest internet-kiss to anyone who would not mind tossing me a guest pass. Big Diablo fan, but I still need to try this shizz-from-blizz out so that I can spend my rapidly depleting funds!

#408 Posted by Moncole (666 posts) -

@DanielComfort: I sent you a code in a PM

#409 Edited by ShoyaRu (2 posts) -

hey could anyone give me a guest pass please? i really wanna try it out to see if i enjoy it and can run it well before i drop 50 bucks on it. Thanks so much.

#410 Posted by DawnbringerGSwag (2 posts) -

Hey there, I was wondering if any awesome person could send me a Guest Pass for Diablo 3 of course. That would be ravishing.

#411 Posted by alohakyler (3 posts) -

Hey, just built myself a brand new desktop, but I would like to test out the graphics card I bought and the Ram, etc. before I buy Diablo, mainly because I have no funds left lol. If someone could help me out with a guest pass I would greatly appreciate it!

#412 Edited by gopherb (2 posts) -

well...been waiting for the starter edition to be released but that apparently aint happening......anybody still have codes avail?

#413 Posted by kreuz666 (2 posts) -

hi i wanna get a guest pass please :D bye good luck xD

#414 Posted by mhmd21 (4 posts) -

For the people who keeps asking for a guest pass to know whether it will work on their computer or not, just go to "systemrequirementslab dot com"

#415 Posted by mhmd21 (4 posts) -

I'm a big Diablo fan, finished Diablo 1 & Diablo 2 and looking forward to play Diablo 3 before i buy it to see whether it's worth 60$ or not. If anyone happens to have a code they could spare, I'd be most grateful.


#416 Posted by alohakyler (3 posts) -

I'd mostly like one for the fact that I spent all my money on my new pc, now would just like to see how it runs since on it

#417 Posted by joseph0042 (2 posts) -

Haha I know everyone else has asked, but does anyone have a US Guest Pass I could use to try the game out before I buy it?

#418 Posted by MichelleeeWong (2 posts) -

Does anyone else have a Guest Pass? I would also like to try out the game. :)

#419 Posted by Harros (2 posts) -

I wish to try out the game before I buy it. Let me know if anyone of you are giving out the guest passes. I really appreciate that.

#420 Posted by Annie123 (2 posts) -

Anyone give me one guest pass, please?

Thanks too much! <3

#421 Edited by wewantsthering (1651 posts) -

I would also love a guest pass. :-)

#422 Posted by Chango (580 posts) -

I would also, also love a guest pass!

Much appreciated.

#423 Posted by Tranx (2 posts) -

It seems it has been awhile since this thread was started but if anyone has a trial code they don't need I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


#424 Posted by AaronP (83 posts) -

I would love a Diablo III Guest Pass please, I really need to try it out and see if it will run alright on my PC before I can commit to buying it but I'm really desperate to play it!

Big thanks to anyone who can help me out!

#425 Posted by sugapop (2 posts) -

Looking for a Diablo III Guest Pass if anyone has one available. Would appreciate it greatly!


#426 Posted by mlipkin (50 posts) -

I don't know if anyone has any passes left, but I'd love one if they're out there. Trying to see if my Mac can handle it before plunking down for it.

Thanks so much!

#427 Posted by Flyinnmunkee (32 posts) -

I would like one to please! I want to show my Mom and Dad since they played 1 & 2, so maybe if I show them they will get it.

#428 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -


#429 Posted by Flyinnmunkee (32 posts) -

@Bourbon_Warrior: Did you slay Diablo?

#430 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

@Flyinnmunkee: 3 times

#431 Posted by Flyinnmunkee (32 posts) -

@Bourbon_Warrior: ACCOMPLISHMENT TIMES 3!!!!!

#432 Posted by Dixego (403 posts) -

That would be wonderful. Thanks in advance to any kind soul out there.

#433 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

@Flyinnmunkee: @Dixego: Go make a account. Go and download starter edition client. It's quite hidden but its there

#434 Posted by mlipkin (50 posts) -

@Bourbon_Warrior: I looked, but as you say, it seems hidden. Care to point us in the right direction.

#435 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

@mlipkin: I thought it would be under account once you sign up.

#436 Posted by mlipkin (50 posts) -

No, I think you need this pass code in order to get access to the installer.

#437 Posted by GreatDane (53 posts) -

I still need af guest pass, would really appreciate it.

#438 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

Hey guys and girls. I'm looking for a guest pass if anyone's got a spare one lying around? I'm late to the Diablo 3 party, but finally have a computer that should run it (I've been on an integrated-graphics laptop up until now!). Still, keen to try it out before I drop the money. I've given out a few Scrolls of Resurrection on the WoW thread, so was really hoping that this might be active too.

#439 Posted by austinmiller (125 posts) -

Anyone want to help a guy out? I got a computer at work that can run it, and would love to be able to try it out. Thanks in advance,

#442 Posted by Chaser324 (6947 posts) -

Locking and unpinning this since it's been irrelevant for a long time.


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