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Why is this the only post?! I want to hear more hardcore tales!!

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@idoublespy: Love the post, you made a story out of what could have been really boring!

I have been thinking of making a Hardcore character, but I am seriously getting my ass whooped in Hell difficulty on my 53 Barbarian, so I don't think I'm just ready yet.

Been thinking of making Witch Doctor my Hardcore char instead of Barbarian, though. How is that class in terms of survivability later on?

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Good read. I have cleared a normal run-through on hardcore and am literally just scared to begin again on Nightmare. I made liberal use of the AH to stay on top of the gear curve and my Barbarian absolutely plowed through it. The closest I came to dying was from those little fat exploding demons in Act III. A few exploded around me and left me at 3% health. Whew.

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