Upgrading to from starter edition to full game, how does it work?

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I plan on buying a hard copy this weekend but i have the starter edition and already started an account and character on it. So how does it work when i purchase the full game and what is gonna be able to come over to the full game. Also what will i need to do with the full game since i already have what i assume is the full game just locked off.

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I'm willing to bet everything just unlocks. Your chars and progress in the story all stay the same. Everything is saved server side.

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It works just as the guest pass code. You put in the code you got in the box at battlenet and the next time you start the game you can progress past the skeleton king. You lose nothing. Edit: assuming you put the code in for your starter edition user on battlenet.

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I upgraded from the Starter Edition and the process was dirt simple. You just click the upgrade button on the top right of the main menu, enter your CC info and pay Blizzard $60, and you can jump right back ingame and pick up where you left off.

I'm actually kind've impressed how few hoops there were to jump through.

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