Using more then one skill of the same type.

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Next click on the arrows to the left or right of your abilities till you get to the page you want to use a skill on.
#2 Posted by Balex1908 (150 posts) -

People did not know that? Is that why everybody is freaking out about the whole fewer skills thing?

#3 Posted by TobbRobb (5246 posts) -

You should also note that Elective mode must be on. It's under gameplay options.

@Balex1908: Only having one skill of every category was what freaked me out early on, 5 seconds in the options and I'm a happy camper again.

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I couldn't blame them for it, I believe the skill ui is pretty terrible. Also the decision to bury elective mode in the menus would lead to a bunch of people thinking that the skill system is way too restrictive, which is definitely not the case. I'm currently nearing the end of Act 2 on my wizard and once you're decked out with 6 active skills the game is extremely satisfying to play and the constant stream and new skills + runes keeps it very fresh.

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It really is weird this isn't telegraphed in any way at all during any point in the game. AT around level 20 it would be great to know this. I found out from Kripparian, dat diablo streamer man.

#6 Posted by Balex1908 (150 posts) -

Ok I can see how people missed it and I assume that it also does not help that they telegraphed everything else in this game.

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I had the exact same problems Brad had with the skills. I never figured out how to get the normal melee skill back. When I saw Brad figure it out I was like "That's the way to do it, really??!!". Didn't know an elective mode existed at all. Weirdly horrible UI design from arguably one of the best UI designers in the world.

EDIT: Also the easy way to salvage stumped me the same way it did Brad, I figured it out in a minute or so but it's hardly intuitive at first.

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